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The Inertia

I called Long Island home for a few years. Coming from California, my understanding of cold reached new heights. Or was it depths? I surfed once after a blizzard. Snowy barrels, I told my buddy when I moved back east, was what I was after during my tenure there. I gained a new understanding of and appreciation for the cold, despite having never gotten slushy waves. And yet, my mind is blown when I see images of Great Lakes surfers, having recently emerged from a session, with long thick icicles dangling from their faces.

Frenchman-turned-upstate New Yorker Aurelién Bouché-Pillon may not have a beard that freezes in the sub-zero temps, but he’s no less a charging hellmen than the rest of the year-round Great Lakes surfers of which I speak. Rochester is specifically where Bouché-Pillon settled in order to discover the wonders of Lake Ontario. In a Facebook message, Bouché-Pillon recently told us that his home break had literally frozen over, and for the time being, he had to take out a snowboard to get his kicks.

As soon as it unfreezes, you bet Aurelién will be on it.


Surfing: Aurélien Bouché-Pillon
Director: Sullivan Slentz
Director of Photography: Aaron Gordon
Editor: Sullivan Slentz
Sound Design: Ryan Meadows
A Camera Operators: Clay Odell, Dave Maslyn
B Camera Operators: Sullivan Slentz, Corey Scibilia
Grip / Gaffe: Tim Limner, Chuck Moran
Music: Jeremy Bittle, Sullivan Slentz