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Photo: Courtesy of GNARBOX

Photo: Courtesy of GNARBOX

The Inertia

At GNARBOX, we are passionate about photography and inspiring people to shoot more. In fact, we’re so passionate about it that WE’RE GIVING AWAY A FREE DJI PHANTOM DRONE AND NINE FREE GOPROS to raise awareness for our Kickstarter campaign this coming July. Check out our story and enter a chance to win at our website.

If you’re in search of adventure, travel is a must. Those who explore are passionate about their experiences, so it’s not incredibly surprising that many lives changed the day the GoPro Camera made it super easy to capture life’s best moments from anywhere. We wanted to relive and share our awesome experiences, but doing so while at the beach or in the mountains was time-consuming, complex, and required carrying around a laptop.

We searched for better ways to share while on-the-go, but found no mobile apps capable of handling huge high definition media files. And that was when the GNARBOX was born — it was born as a solution to this very problem, and we are finally ready to share it with the world.


Our team of photographers, athletes, and media-obsessed technologists has built a supercharged, pocket-sized product that makes awesome content from anywhere, anytime, without a computer. Just plug in any action cam or DSLR, upload media, and open our app. In seconds, our technology makes sharing and keeping track of your moments easier than ever.


But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at these supercharged capabilities for yourself, in edits uploaded directly via GNARBOX, presenting footage from the mountains…

…to the lineup.

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