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Mick Fanning seems to be enjoying his post CT career to the fullest – freesurfing, selling breweries, and riding beautiful waves in beautiful places. But things have gotten extremely weird for the three-time world champ of late. Gold Coast news outlets are reporting that a 38-year-old woman is being accused of stalking Mick Fanning. And the details sound terrifying.

The woman, identified as Sarah Anne Foote, allegedly wrote Fanning creepy letters, calling him a pedophile, confessing her love for him and that she’d had “thoughts to kill him.”


Then the capper: The timeline of the stalking is allegedly between late January and early February. On February 2nd, Mick was apparently coming home to his Gold Coast place with friends when they discovered the woman at his house, having broken in (neighbors saw her climb over the fence) she then fled after Fanning came face-to-face with her (apparently holding a garden stake)?

The woman is in custody and returns to court on Friday.

I reached out to Fanning but haven’t heard back. He was succinct with local media: “When someone walks into your house, it’s concerning, so that’s why I called the police,” he said. “I know the details of it, I was there, I look after people in my house and that’s what I am doing. “It is what it is, it’s done, she was arrested. It’s in the court’s hands, it’s in the police hands.”

This definitely screams “fascinating podcast” when all is said and done. Or maybe the script of a horror movie?


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