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Yes, sharks do sprint. We’ve seen that before. And were reminded again this week as tourists at Orange Beach, Alabama captured video of a hammerhead hunting stingrays feet from shore. The footage, taken by a couple visiting the area, sent beachgoers moving faster than they probably had all day, as the sizeable hammerhead rummaged for stingrays within prime viewing distance.

“This is the first time we have ever seen anything like this for sure,” said Alec Deshotel, who took the footage from a hotel along with girlfriend Catarena Peek. “I look out the window … and there it is. Massive 10 to 12-foot hammerhead, whatever it is I don’t know, but it was a big one. We don’t know how big it was, but it was massive.”

Yes, more proof, as if we needed it, that sharks are indeed in the ocean. And that they hunt. Sometimes close to shore. And sometimes we’re even lucky enough to get to watch.


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