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Dede Suryana stands engulfed in a crystal clear, throaty barrel at Keramas. He’s deep in the wave, navigating the foam ball with grace. But nothing about his performance is noteworthy when compared to the chaos surrounding him. He’s covered in trash. It’s disgusting. A mess of rupiah (Indonesian currency) and nondescript plastic waste fills the frame. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen. In this instance, the cliche is true; quite literally, the picture is worth a thousand words.

Zak Noyle, the world-famous photographer who captured the photo, calls it “Waves of Change.” It’s his proudest photo, because it’s helped galvanize a movement to protect the ocean, a place he loves. Such is the power of photography when executed with passion, skill, and a sharp eye. As a testament to Noyle’s prowess – especially shooting surf photography while swimming in the ocean at many of the heaviest and most dangerous waves on earth like Pipeline, Teahupo’o, and Hawaii’s Outer Reefs – he’s produced a singular catalog of iconic surf imagery in the last couple decades.

As such, we’re excited to partner on Zak’s Noyle’s Guide to Surf Photography with Inspire Courses. Zak offers a lifetime of insights creating award-winning imagery in the water to help you improve your creative results and transform your passion into a career.

Zak Noyle Polluted Bali Dede Suryana Waves of Change

Something’s not right here. Dede Suryana stands in a barrel full of trash. This image has galvanized an environmental movement. Photo: Zak Noyle

“Through photography, I’ve made lifelong friends,” says Noyle. “I’ve been to places I’ve only dreamt of. It has allowed me to create this lifestyle and to be able to create a career path that I never even imagined. It’s something that I’m very fortunate to have. And it came with a lot of hard work and dedication.”

Zak Noyle’s course is designed for anyone interested in surf photography. From newcomers with a casual interest in water and surf photography to experienced photographers who want to take their efforts to the next level by rethinking their creative approach and learning how to build relationships that enable a career in capturing ocean imagery.

“We’re going to share with you guys all of these tips, tricks, back-end business ideas, everything like that to allow you to take your photography to the next level,” says Noyle. “Today it’s easier than ever to get into it as it is more accessible. And you’ll see through this course how you can become a surf photographer.

After putting a lot of thought into a curriculum that would benefit as many surf and water photographers as possible, Zak focused on sharing knowledge on the following topics in his course:

– Preparation for shooting
– Safety tips
– Etiquette
– Gear recommendations
– Lens selection
– Optimizing settings: Shutter speed, exposure, focus
– Advice on shooting speed blurs and fast action
– How to care for your water housing
– Shooting different kinds of waves like beachbreaks, reefs, and point breaks,
– Building a photography career
– Insights and war stories about Zak’s most memorable photos
– Zak takes you on a field shoot in Waikiki with longboarder Kani Stewart so you can see his approach and review results and takeaways firsthand
– Assignments designed to improve your work
– Quiz to test your knowledge
– Certificate upon successful completion

The lessons are scalable and have application to any skill level – from beginners to experts. Ultimately, Noyle is excited to share his passion and knowledge in hopes of inspiring a new generation of talent in the water.

“Why do I shoot water photography? Why do I love being in the ocean and shooting and creating these images? It’s a love for the ocean,” Noyle says. “It’s a love for being able to share these images and these moments with people that won’t be able to see them with their own eyes. It’s being able to capture something and freeze that water, being able to share it. Now, I’m excited to share things I learned the hard way with you.”

Get lifetime access to insights from one of the best surf photographers in the business at Inspire Courses.

Zak Noyle Double Rainbow Teahupoo

Zak Noyle captures all sorts of pots of gold in this iconic image from Tahiti. Photo: Zak Noyle


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