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Zoltan Torkos is a man on a mission. Last March, Torkos landed the first documented kickflip in surfing and took home a cool $10K courtesy of Volcom’s Kickflipoff for his efforts. While the people appreciated his feat, Volcom upped the ante by offering to reward $20K for the first surfer to land a kickflip above the lip. An important distinction, no? And who better qualified to make that happen than Mr. Torkos?

Last week, Torkos and filmer Elijah Crowell shared this video of an alleged “above the lip” kickflip. Based on the footage, there might be $20K coming their way. Have a gander.

And check out an interview with Zoltan Torkos after he landed his first documented kickflip.

Zoltan Torkos lands possibly a $20K kickflip. Possibly.

Zoltan Torkos lands possibly a $20K kickflip. Possibly.


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