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Lakey builds a solid foundation on land to see results in the water.

Lakey builds a solid foundation on land to see results in the water.

The Inertia

“This workout is all about foundation. Strength training and core stability are essential to reduce injury risk and maximize power in your chosen activity.” –Lakey P. via The Salty Coconut

Lakey Peterson is on a roll. The World Surf League pro finished 6th place overall this year on the women’s world tour with a final’s appearance at the Cascais Pro in Portugal and two semifinal appearances at Cloudbreak and Trestles, and frankly, her surfing is looking better than ever. Her success is no coincidence. Lakey trains harder than anyone, and the 21-year-old Santa Barbara native makes her health a serious priority. Last year she launched her own fitness blog The Salty Coconut, and we are loving it. Below is a “Back to Basics” workout routine developed by Lakey and Dr. Eric Goodman that’s sure to get your body moving for 2016 –Taylor Pitz

Note: This content was originally created for The Salty Coconut. Visit TSC for more health and fitness tips from Lakey.




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