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For me personally, my favorite part of summer is that it’s winter somewhere else in the world. That means that I’m going to far away destinations to get waves. Summer takes me to the Southern Hemisphere – places like Indonesia, West Australia, West Africa, Chile, and Fiji. That’s the best part for me. But if I had to narrow it down to one generalization about the best part of summer, it’s that everyone is excited to be outside. There’s a lot more activity. People are out and about. Longer days. The sun’s up. Warmer temperatures. More activity. It’s more vibrant, and everyone’s got a good vibe. I love that. It’s all about finding fun – summer or not.

Editor’s Note: My Summer Bucket List is a new series powered by Red Bull that encourages you to make summer count. Comment below or tag @redbulllax with the hashtag #makesummercount and @theinertia on Instagram or on the Make Summer Count Website, and tell us what’s on your bucket list. We’ll compile the best ones and include yours in our ultimate summer bucket list in September!


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