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great white shark

Great whites like to check you out before you check them out. Here’s an example of that. Photo: YouTube//Screenshot

The Inertia

Carlos Gauna is very interested in sharks. The great white shark, mostly, but any kind of shark piques his interest. Come to think of it, Gauna is interested in most anything that swims in the ocean, and he spends a lot of time searching for anything and everything by flying a drone over the sea. This time, though, he decided to get a little closer.

“In this ‘Adventure Series’ episode,” he writes, “I venture out on a kayak to experience first hand how hard it is to see a great white shark from the water’s surface.”

It is a bit strange to think about how often we might be sharing the ocean with sharks. If you’ve surfed any real length of time, there’s a good chance you have been close to one without knowing it. Despite their size, they can be difficult to see, and Gauna found that out. It wasn’t without a few tribulations, though — starting with a lost GoPro and continuing with radio problems.

Both of those things happened at the moment that Gauna’s friend was almost directly on top of a 14-foot great white shark. Although he was right above it, he had a hard time spotting it. Great whites will often approach from behind, and their stealth is part of the reason they’re such effective hunters.


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