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The Inertia

If you grew up with, say, a park in your backyard, you might get really good at swinging. Or sliding, even, if you like living on the wild side. The problem with that is that everybody gets really good at swinging and sliding, since they take little to no skill.

But if you grew up with Pipeline in your backyard, then you get Jamie O’Brien and John John Florence. Same goes with skiing. If you grew up with some of the best freeriding terrain on the planet in your backyard, a veritable skier’s paradise… well, you get Arianna Tricomi, a five-time Freeride World Tour champion.

Tricomi grew up in Corvara in the Italian Dolomites. It was there that she learned to ski, and it was there that she really began to follow the road leading to her destiny. She’s an insanely talented skier — the kind of talent that only comes from a sort of innate understanding of the pursuit. That understanding, of course, can only really come if one starts something very young. Muscle memory is a powerful thing, and Tricomi’s got a lot of it.

Above the village she grew up in, there stands a mountain called Sassongher. She could see it from her bedroom window growing up, and now she calls Sassongher home. Tag along as she takes the viewer on a tour of one of the best backyards on Earth.


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