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The Inertia

Danny MacAskill can do things on a bicycle that no one else can do. He does those things all over the world while cameras are pointed at him for our entertainment, and in his most recent offering, he headed to San Francisco.

The video you see above is part of a series called Postcard From San Francisco (watch the other episodes here), which follows MacAskill as he returns to the iconic Californian city five years after plans to film there were derailed by a career-changing injury. The whole series is an interesting look at how, exactly, a film like this is made, from the permit-approval process and ensuing time crunches to land tricks to getting access to Alcatraz simply to ride a bike.

The seventh episode, which you’re likely watching instead of reading this, has a whole lot of great riding, but one thing stands out: a front flip on the Rock, a trick that likely caused him not a small amount of pain and suffering.




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