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The Inertia

Sharks get a pretty bad rap. It’s probably got something to do with the fact that they very occasionally will take a bite out of a human, which invariably leads to us trying to kill it and everything that looks like it. And hey, we’re in their home, right?

Sharks also aren’t known to be the smartest creatures–problem solvers, they are not. This juvenile great white got a little too over-excited trying to eat seagulls at low tide and ended up beaching itself, which is not where sharks are supposed to be. Luckily, he didn’t end up with Colin Barnett on the beach. Although, this time the shark was in OUR home. Vindication could have been ours!

But it was not, which is good. There were a whole bunch of little kids on that beach cheering for the shark, and if some guy came along and clubbed it like a baby seal (also awful!), well, that would have been sad. We are the bigger creatures in this situation. But ONLY in this situation. On the whole, we are definitely NOT the bigger creatures. We’re tiny. We still suck. We make soup from shark fins. Lots and lots of shark fins! Don’t let this fool you.


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