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Ring of Fire is a series we’ve been proud to run here on The Inertia thanks to filmer Nick Cahill and friends, and their mission to tackle as many of the volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California as they can in 30 days, while road tripping in Nick’s blue converted school bus. Episode Two took us to the summits of Mt. McLaughlin and Mt. Thielsen in Southern Oregon, with incredible views and an exposed scramble that would have certainly taken my breath away.

Now in Central Oregon, Tailer, Nick, and Danny find themselves actually touring inbounds, on a ski resort that is actually a volcano, Mt. Bachelor. The change of pace and mindset that comes with being inbounds brought some bum luck that left Tailer sitting on the bench while Danny and Nick ventured back into wilderness to climb the North Sister. Although on the bench, Tailer did her part in route planning for the guys and sent them off on the one and only volcano of the trip accomplished with just the two of them. Stay tuned, as we’ll be dropping the rest of the episodes on a bi-weekly basis, here on The Inertia.

Ring of Fire Oregon

The approach to North Sister involved a pretty gnarly burn scar. Photo: Nick Cahill


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