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Ring of Fire is filmer Nick Cahill and friends on a mission to tackle as many of the volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California as they can in 30 days, while road tripping in Nick’s blue converted school bus. Episode One was pretty epic, with Nick and the crew hitting up Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen in California with solid conditions, some early-project jitters, and a ton of stoke.

With that, here’s Episode Two, where Danny, Nick, and Tailer head across the Oregon border in the Bus. They link up with a local mountain guide and tiny-home creator, Parker Smith, to get the grand tour of his backyard and favorite mountain, Mt. McLoughlin. It’s a rowdy and lighthearted excursion with epic views that just screams fun in the mountains. The crew then makes its way north to a second volcano in Southern Oregon, Mt. Thielsen, where the desire to summit lures them into an exposed scramble that’s far easier going up than going down. Stay tuned, as we’ll be dropping the rest of the episodes on a bi-weekly basis.

Mt McLoughlin Ring of Fire

Epic views from Mt McLoughlin. Photo: Nick Cahill.


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