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Screenshot: TheEnthusiastNetwork

Screenshot: TheEnthusiastNetwork

The Inertia

At the very least, the trailer takes an abundance of cues from the filmmaker. Try and tell us we’re wrong; seriously, one glimpse of that title card should be more than enough — though if you need to see the entire trailer, go right ahead.

Character and scenery tropes aside, this looks good. Per the Vimeo description: “The Great Siberian Traverse documents a 6,000-mile ski journey through Russia, along the Trans-Siberian Railway. Produced by Sherpas Cinema, in partnership with POWDER magazine and The North Face, the documentary showcases a fringe backcountry skiing community, deep Siberian powder, and skiing’s ancient origins. Skiers Ingrid Backstrom, Callum Pettit, and Nick Martini share their insights along the adventure.”

Fringe backcountry skiing community?



Deep Siberian powder?


Skiing’s ancient origins?


Check. Check. And check.

But beyond the quirky storytelling, the movie looks like an unrelenting exploration of life beyond the figurative, presenting a real-life juxtaposition of Americans in Russia, as told in Powder’s “Dawn in Siberia” feature.


Needless to say, after watching the trailer and reading the story, we’re excited to meet the locals…


…and take in the sights.


Watch the entire movie on Vimeo on Demand.

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