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The footage from the deadly rockfall that killed climber Andrew Foster in Yosemite continues to impress in its power. This piece of vid was captured by Peter Zabrok after the initial deadly slides where pieces of rock came crumbling off El Capitan’s southeast face.

“The rescue and recovery efforts had been completed by this point,” wrote Zabrok on his Youtube page. “I was pretty gripped, for sure, and incredibly thankful to still be alive. We had climbed directly under this rockfall for the preceding five or six days, and but for the infinite mercy of God [or at least 24 hours’ worth of mercy] I’d be singin’ in the Heavenly Choir*, rather than on my portaledge.”

Masses of rock came off the iconic face in Yosemite. According to reports, Foster apparently covered his wife with his own body, shielding her from the fall. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary.


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