The Inertia

That’s it, I’m convinced – Tony Hawk made a deal with the devil. Somewhere in his early years, coming up as a skate prodigy in San Diego, he was approached by the Beast himself when he conceded to a trade: his soul in exchange for eternal youthfulness and athletic ability. It’s the only explanation. There’s no other way he’s been able to achieve everything he has and, at 47 years old, continue to dominate.

His latest act of skate sorcery comes in a spot for what appears to be Sony’s attempt at a slice of GoPro’s world dominance. It’s an “Action Cam?” Like a mini, attachable video camera? Whatever…besides the point. The clip shows Tony attempting a sideways spiral of doom. Sorta like the infamous “loop of death” (which Tony tackled, no biggie), but inverted horizontally. It’s like a toilet bowl and Tony is a stool on four wheels, skating round and round until he exits a tiny hole at the bottom. It’s never-been-done and awesome and definitely some sort of black magic.

Still not convinced that skateboarding’s posterboy of purism – the guy who took the sport from degenerate underground to the mainstream – isn’t in cahoots with Satan? Just wait till he’s 80 years old, doing 900s over the Bellagio fountains in Vegas, then you’ll see. You’ll see.


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