• Chloe Barton


    Chloe is a Southern California native working for Cuipo, a company dedicated to saving prime rainforest around the globe. Before focusing her efforts on rainforest preservation, sh... Read more

  • Guillaume Barucq

    Doctor/Surf Prevention Editor

    Guillaume Barucq is a 38-year-old surfer and doctor of medicine from France. Barucq works as a General Practitioner in Biarritz near the best surfing spots of the Basque Coast, and... Read more

  • Laurence Bascle


    Laurence Bascle was born from the union of a Malagasy princess and a German knight and grew up near a castle in France before moving to a red-brick road in London. This equipped he... Read more

  • Lee Basford


    Lee Basford is a graphic designer, artist and photographer working in and around the overlap of art and design, blending these disciplines to create work for arts, film, fashion, v... Read more

  • Robin Baskerville


    Robin Baskerville was born in Brazil in 1979 and now lives in the paradise of São Paulo. With his archive of images, the photographer RBaserkville sells decorative frames and uniq... Read more

  • Scott Bass

    The Boardroom Executive Director

    Scott Bass is the Founder and Executive Director of the Sacred Craft Consumer Surf Expo. Bass is also a Surfing Heritage Foundation Board... Read more

  • Simon Bates


    Simon Bates is a freelance photographer based in Southeast Ireland where the waves are average and inconsistent. In between swells, he can be seen pointing his camera at people, pl... Read more

  • Kathryn Bates


    Kathryn is a 21-year-old, London-based Psychology student. She spent her childhood summer vacations traveling through Europe and surfing with her family. Now she tries to get salty... Read more

  • Riley Bathurst

    Riley Bathurst is a cinematographer, editor, graphic designer, and lover of fun from Christchurch, New Zealand. He rides snow really well, too.... Read more

  • Ian Battrick

    Professional Surfer

    Ian is as close to a "surfer's surfer" as you'll find. Willing to go feral just about anywhere in search of a perfect wave, constantly on the search for the best waves he can find,... Read more