• Shane Carpenter

    Shane Carpenter

    PT/DPT/CMT/Founder, Water's Edge PT & Wellness

    Shane began her career as a massage therapist in 1998, and later as a physical therapy aide in 1999. Throughout working in the physical therapy industry, she spent time coaching sn... Read more

  • Nick Carroll

    Nick Carroll


    Nick is a lifelong surfer who has been deeply involved in the sport at all levels for over 35 years. He has been writing about and observing the sport for most of that time, having... Read more

  • Andrew Carruthers

    Andrew Carruthers


    I have been immersed in the beach lifestyle my entire life. Mostly in the North NSW Gold Coast area of East Coast, Australia. My Dad pushed me into a wave when I was four years old... Read more

  • Susan Casey

    Susan Casey

    Editor in Chief, The Oprah Magazine

    Susan Casey is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Devil’s Teeth: A True Story of Obsession and Survival Among America’s Great White Sharks, is editor... Read more

  • Austin Castellaw

    Austin Castellaw

    Surfer/Civilian Contractor

    Austin Castellaw is originally from Orange County, California and grew up surfing Trestles and Salt Creek along with the occasional Baja run. Along with surfing, he enjoys snowbo... Read more

  • Bruno Castello da Costa

    Bruno Castello da Costa

    Instructor, Technical Advisor and Researcher

    Based in Rio de Janeiro, Bruno Ferreira Alves Castello da Costa is an industrial engineer and physical education teacher who has been investigating teaching-learning processes in t... Read more

  • Thomas Castets

    Thomas Castets

    Founder, GaySurfers.Net

    Thomas is the founder of GaySurfers.net, the first online community for surfers who happen to be gay. For the last 15 years, Thomas has been tra... Read more

  • Chris Centrella

    Chris Centrella


    Chris Centrella is a 15-year-old from New Jersey where the ocean has always been his home. Here in NJ, he learned how to capture and observe the beauty of the waves as they roll by... Read more

  • Rowan Chase

    Rowan Chase


    Rowan is often asked how he decided to become an artist. Growing up on a few thousand acres between Paso Robles and Cambria in the 1970s, luxuries were sparse- no hot running water... Read more

  • Corey Chin

    Corey Chin

    Envirosurfer Team /Surfer

    Corey Chin grew up in San Diego, surfing 15th st. After studying Environmental Studies in San Francisco, he now works for Envirosurfer, an online Read more