• Andrew Black

    Andrew Black

    Surfer/Occupation Unknown

    Andrew used to work on and in gardens, construction sites, sailboats, magazines and the internet. Then he sold everything, bought a one-way ticket and let the rest reveal itself th... Read more

  • Wolfgang Blackwood

    Wolfgang Blackwood


    I'm 18 years of age, and I live on the tiny island of Cape Hatteras, NC. Living there my whole life has truly been a blessing. It's allowed me to experience things many people are ... Read more

  • Johnny Blades

    Johnny Blades

    TheInertia.com Music Editor

    Johnny Blades is TheInertia.com's Music Editor. Born in Silver Spring, Maryland, he spent much of his youth listening to the radio and going to 7-11. The slacker culture of the 1... Read more

  • Luiz Blanco

    Luiz Blanco


    Luiz lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil and is 28 years old. He has a degree in Journalism but has been a photographer for the last ten years. He is always focused on surfing.... Read more

  • Lauren Blickley

    Lauren Blickley

    Marine Biologist/Surfer/Ocean Advocate

    Lauren Blickley is a Marine Biologist/surfer girl based on the island of Maui. She holds a B.S. in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Miami (Florida), and a Master o... Read more

  • Susan Bodack

    Susan Bodack

    Director, Social Media Marketing, InStyle Swimwear

    Susan Bodack is the Director of Social Media Marketing for online swimwear retailer InStyleSwimwear.com. For over 10 years, the internet retailer has been providing swimwear, beach... Read more

  • Ash Boddy

    Ash Boddy

    Fitness Coach/Surfer

    With over 13 years of experience taking people for structured exercise, Ash Boddy is the highest level CHEK Practitioner in Scotland: he is a CHEK Practitioner Level 2, Holistic Li... Read more

  • Larissa Bodniowycz

    Larissa Bodniowycz

    Attorney/Surf and Outdoor Enthusiast

    Larissa is a California based attorney with an addiction to new experiences and activities, especially if they're outside. She's completed a marathon and a host of other races inc... Read more

  • Claudia Boily

    Claudia Boily


    I've found that life is a constant state of change, full of new experiences and people. Part of the excitement is not only firsthand encounters, but being able to capture, relive a... Read more

  • Rui Boino

    Rui Boino


    My father was a professional photographer and at early age I started to develop an interest to capture images too. Simultaneously, at age of 15 I started to do bodyboard, then late... Read more

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