• Lauren Blickley

    Lauren Blickley

    Marine Biologist/Surfer/Ocean Advocate

    Lauren Blickley is a Marine Biologist/surfer girl based on the island of Maui. She holds a B.S. in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Miami (Florida), and a Master o... Read more

  • Susan Bodack

    Susan Bodack

    Director, Social Media Marketing, InStyle Swimwear

    Susan Bodack is the Director of Social Media Marketing for online swimwear retailer InStyleSwimwear.com. For over 10 years, the internet retailer has been providing swimwear, beach... Read more

  • Ash Boddy

    Ash Boddy

    Fitness Coach/Surfer

    With over 13 years of experience taking people for structured exercise, Ash Boddy is the highest level CHEK Practitioner in Scotland: he is a CHEK Practitioner Level 2, Holistic Li... Read more

  • Claudia Boily

    Claudia Boily


    I've found that life is a constant state of change, full of new experiences and people. Part of the excitement is not only firsthand encounters, but being able to capture, relive a... Read more

  • Rui Boino

    Rui Boino


    My father was a professional photographer and at early age I started to develop an interest to capture images too. Simultaneously, at age of 15 I started to do bodyboard, then late... Read more

  • Sam Bold

    Sam Bold


    Ever tried threading a needle through that tiny bloody hole? Pretty frustrating hey? Well, that’s not half as bad as watching me surf. So, as my dreams of being pro are continual... Read more

  • Ian Bolliger

    Ian Bolliger


    Ian Bolliger is a former ski racer turned ski mountaineer from Seattle, WA. Skiing has taken him classic Pacific Northwest peaks such as Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker to the couloirs o... Read more

  • Matt Bonham

    Matt Bonham


    Matt Bonham is a writer, photographer and wanderlust extraordinaire based in Roanoke, Virginia, where he plans then procrastinates moving to Southern California every other day. Ri... Read more

  • Nicole Boramanand

    Nicole Boramanand

    Art Photographer

    Described as “impressionist photography”, much of her art lives at the intersection between brush- painting and traditional documentary-style photography. Nicole Boramanand cre... Read more

  • Dr. Gregory Borne

    Dr. Gregory Borne


    Having grown up on the south coast of Devon, England, Gregory has been in and out of the water all of his life with a particular passion for long boarding.The interaction with the ... Read more