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Gretta is a surfer, US kiteboarding team rider for Naish, model, artist and entrepreneur. This past year she was named one of the 10 most influential girl kitesurfers in the world and holds the female kiteboarding distance record at 100 miles. Gretta's VOG art and wave murals can be found in London, Paris, LA, Venice Beach, Maui and Miami. In 2011 Gretta was named one of LA's leading female street artists by Lab Art Los Angeles. Her modeling career includes: Lacoste, Oakley, Teva, VitaminA, name a few. Her sponsors include: Naish, VitaminA Swimwear, Hess Surfboards, SoloShot and Las Olas. Currently this busy girl is in fashion design school to design high end beachwear. Her latest surf venture Dawn Patrol Truck, hits SoCal beaches this summer.

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