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The Inertia

Not too long ago, I started art school in San Francisco. Since most of my boards etc. are home in L.A., I kept forgetting booties, a leash, or cold water wax. It’s such a bummer to get to the beach and realize I don’t have something I need! Especially when most surf shops aren’t open till 10 AM. I figured I can’t be the only one who’s constantly saying, “Dude, you got any wax?”

As a result, my buddy Blake and I started talking about the concept of a mobile surf shop. Which then got us thinking about the food truck business…and how much that industry has grown. We started chatting with other surf friends about the stuff that they’d love to have at the beach too. From surf accessories, sunscreen, water to good coffee and breakfast burritos. Before long, Dawn Patrol truck was born.

Our plan is to launch the first truck at our home break, El Porto in Manhattan Beach this July. Getting this first truck dialed is key. We’ve got a ton of ideas we want to test (like a “key valet” for safely storing valuables) but at the end of the day quality and convenience are priority. We’re currently developing an app for the truck as well so you can log-in, see exactly where the truck is, view live surf cam and wave reports. Anyone with the app can save a payment method to their profile so if they’re at the beach they can make a purchase without needing to carry their phone or soggy bills. I love that part about Uber, and, personally, I think this is the future.

Right now we’re crowd-funding the truck itself on IndieGogo.

We’ve got about another couple days left in the campaign, and it’s been an awesome experience. I’d love to get as much support from the surf community as possible. Even if it’s $2 to help determine which communities would be most stoked for a Dawn Patrol Truck at their beach. The feedback so far has been huge, and I’m thrilled to see this idea become a reality. Having grown up on islands, I appreciate the value of community. I’ve been traveling a lot the past few years for kitesurfing and am stoked to grow this business while settling into my home spot. (…although I think my mom is freaking out that her baby girl moved to California to become a truck driver beach bum!)

We’re surfers. We love our community. And we can’t think of a more rad business to bring to the beach.

If you have a moment, check out our Indiegogo campaign. We would love your support.

A concept mock of the Dawn Patrol Truck.

A concept mock of the Dawn Patrol Truck.


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