Professor of Design and Health and Director of the Center of Design and Health at the Architecture School, University of Virginia

Jenny Roe is an environmental psychologist who explores how our interactions with the world shape our health, wellbeing and behaviors. She specializes in understanding how access to restorative environments in our cities create and sustain our health and wellbeing. Her mission is to conduct the best possible research that identifies solutions to today’s urban health challenges including aging, obesity, anxiety and stress. This includes multi-disciplinary collaborations amongst experts in public health, medicine, urban design, environmental sciences, geography and psychology. Her research aims to advance social justice by tackling health and environmental inequities. Jenny has pioneered new methods that capture our interactions with the world and their effect on our health and wellbeing, using mobile health sensors that capture physiological indicators of health such as heart rate variability, skin conductance, electroencephalography (EEG) and biomarkers of stress including cortisol – the stress hormone.

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