Pilar Stella was born in Pasadena, California but moved away at a young age. She grew up swimming and in other athletic endeavors and spent much of her childhood in Italy on the Mediterranean where her love for the water grew. She has lived and traveled around the world, but only picked up surfing a few years ago after moving back to California and was immediately hooked. She is an author on peace, spirituality and systems change in investing, philanthropy, policy and social good. She has published in, and two books, one of which is a children's book on peace with 10 Nobel Peace Laureates, entitled Seeking Serenity. She is also an entrepreneur creating an investment fund, Alchemy P4, to change the paradigm, values and culture between investors and entrepreneurs. She may be found in SoCal teaching Kundalini yoga, surfing up and down the coast or giggling with her friends.

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