Photo: Robert Lambert, 2014.

Photo: Robert Lambert, 2014.

The Inertia

You’ll know her by the way she walks with the grace of a mermaid, a bounce in her step as though she were floating on water, a smile as wide as the horizon and bright as sunshine, and tousled pink hair that is as sassy as she is. She has eyes as dark as the depths of the ocean, with a warmth and light that calm you and invite you to know her more deeply.

Date a girl who surfs. She radiates a soft confidence and quiet inner peace that intrigues yet mystifies. She understands the nuances of energy and is happy to share what she knows, if you choose to inquire. She is grateful to be graced with living so close to the ocean and for every moment her feet step foot on the sand and her toes hit the water.

Date a girl who surfs. Every time she paddles out, her infectious giggle permeates the line up like a fairy sprinkling pixie dust. She makes friends at surf spots up and down the coast and breaks up surf fights with a quick flash of her smile. She’s even had people paddle up to her before dawn to say, “I just wanted to put a face to that giggle.” No matter how sick her drop or how rough her tumble into a close out, she always emerges with that laugh that lets everyone in the lineup know that she is just fine!

Yet for all her radiance, she can also be quiet, shy and introverted that to some may seem intimidating or arrogant, but really it is just her way of protecting her sensitive soul.

Date a girl who surfs. No she won’t sit on the beach and take your pictures. She’d rather be out there with you charging like a Bad Ass Betty – she’s no stranger to breaking a board, or even too many to count! She’d prefer to be with you surfing at sunrise and sunset, maybe even dropping in on you on the occasional wave or watching as the seals, sting rays and dolphins swim by. She’s used to hanging with the guys, so she can keep up with you in the water and out, but don’t let that scare you away as once she lets you in, she will be your biggest fan and greatest cheerleader. And if you are irritable or having a bad day, she will encourage you to go surf to “clear your aura” or she will urge you to go off and surf with the guys, and she will ask for the same in return as she too values her friends, freedom and personal time.

Meet Betty Bad Ass.

Meet Bad Ass Betty.

Date a girl who surfs. She is graceful and light in crowds, bringing people together naturally with her magnetic charm. She has been told she is like the Kevin Bacon of surfing – though much prettier and is only 1-2 degrees of separation from world leaders, investors, techies and yogis. She’s initiated more “board meetings” to connect people from around the globe to solve the planet’s greatest challenges and to create more good in the world. And she’s stand-up paddle raced leaders like Richard Branson on his own island and almost beat him at his own game, finishing off with a handstand on the board – always one to add her own unique flare.

Date a girl who surfs. She is a pillar of strength and fortitude who is passionate and accomplished and knows that no matter how many times she hears “no,” she will keep getting back up on the board and paddling back out for that next wave, for that next opportunity. She has come to find that there is no better metaphor for entrepreneurship than surfing that requires the patience, persistence and presence that a leader makes.

And though she charges with great confidence, she has a gentle vulnerable heart that yearns to be understood.

Date a girl who surfs. She is a hopeful romantic who believes that anything is possible and will never settle for anything less than. Yet that doesn’t mean she strives for perfection, rather she finds comfort in being imperfectly perfect or perfectly imperfect and honors the quirkiness in all those she chooses to surround herself with. Through her love for surfing and yoga, she has found a way to heal her soul and open her heart despite her rocky beginnings. And she surrounds herself with people who believe in love, encourage her to not hold back and to love herself and others unconditionally.

Date a girl who surfs. While to everyone around her, every move she makes may seem effortless and easy, if she sets her heart on you she may become tongue tied and nervous so as to seduce you with her awkwardness. Yet, if you are patient and win her over, her affection may be as boundless as the ocean and as expansive as the sky. And when you snuggle up next to her to fall asleep at night, your feet will be met with grains of sand at the foot of the bed – just another little reminder of her love affair with the ocean.

When asked to identify a story or moment in her life that brings her joy, she responds, “Every time I am in the water surfing.” So if you ever wonder about that girl who surfs next to you, don’t be afraid or hesitate, just paddle up next to her and say hello. You never know how much more colorful the sunsets, or your life, may become in her presence.

Date a girl who surfs.

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