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We’re babies. In fact, we’re just a few months old, but that doesn’t change the fact that we’ve been running stories every day since September 13, 2010 (many submitted by YOU). Since you might have just joined the party, we figured we’d catch you up on what you missed. These are The Inertia’s most popular stories and photo galleries from 2010.

There, now you’re all caught up.

Top Stories

Andy Irons Walk Obituary

1. Obituary Pierces Silence on Andy Irons’ Life by Fred Pawle


“Every single person I talked to, said there was more to it (than a mere obituary),” Melekian said. “I couldn’t ignore that.”

Surfing and sex are inseparable; and thank God for that. But female pro surfers aren’t glamor models; they are elite athletes who deserve to compete in the best possible waves. Sally Fitzgibbons poses for a recent Red Bull video.2. Women in Surf: No Girls Allowed? by Tetsuhiko Endo

Surfing and sex are inseparable, but female pro surfers aren’t glamor models; they are elite athletes who deserve to compete in great waves.

An open letter to surf magazine editors of the world.3. Open Letter to Surf Magazine Editors of the World by Tim Baker

Surf mags seem to have become merely an extension of the marketing campaigns of their major advertisers. Let’s fix that.

Living the Dream? Illustration by Matt Allen/MattAllen.com4. Surf Media: Living the Dream? by Zach Weisberg

Surf journalism is not a logical destination for writers craving nuance, but occasions arise when communication is invaluable – even in surfing.

Weezer's Blue Album5. In Defense of Weezer by Corey Jones

While Weezer has its flaws, they’re possibly the least-appreciated band in alternative music today; Here are nine reasons why they still matter.

The alaia in question. Tom Wegener's Tuna6. EPS Alaia: Oxymoronic Blasphemy or Just Really Fun? by Zach Weisberg

Tom Wegener told me that Dave Rastovich couldn’t surf the alaia on his first try. I didn’t really believe him, but I appreciated the gesture.

NOFX's Fat Mike as Cokie the Clown during a performance to remember at Emo's.7. Banned in Austin: NOFX’S Fat Mike Shocks SXSW by Johnny Blades

Fat Mike of NOFX delivered a solo set for the ages, but you won’t see him invited back to Emo’s any time soon. They’re pissed.

8. The Surf Biz is Growing Up (And that’s Not Such a Bad Thing) by Zach Weisberg

Despite surf culture’s doubts about entrants like Target and Nike, growth might not be such a bad thing. Just ask Kolohe Andino and Carissa Moore.

Kelly Slater Wins Tenth World Title Puerto Rico9. Kelly Slater’s Tenth World Title: Alone: At the Top, In the Crowd by Tetsuhiko Endo

We had all walked through the valley of a week that saw two champions made, one lost, and three legends solidified.

Gay Surfer Emerald Wave West Timor

10. Coming Out: To Be a Gay Surfer by Thomas C.

For all of the eye-opening experiences associated with surfing, there seems to be little mention or acknowledgment of surfing’s gay community.

Top Galleries

New Jersey Surf Bryan Zinski Freezing Snow Ryan Struck1. Portfolio: New Jersey’s Freezing Surf by Ryan Struck

I’ve traveled to beautiful places, but only included frigid, New Jersey surf photos in this portfolio. I guess home is where the heart is.

Acid drop at Blacks. Photo: Anthony Ghiglia2. Portfolio: Anthony Ghiglia

“For me, a successful surf image is one that makes the viewer wish they had witnessed that moment in person.”

Empty Wave Orange County Surfing Kevin Voegtlin3. Portfolio: Kevin “Voegs” Voegtlin

Orange County’s Kevin Voegtlin shares some gorgeous imagery from his travels to Australia, Indonesia, and, good ol’ Southern California.

Matt Allen Surf Art Portfolio4. Surf Artist Portfolio: Matt Allen

Multi-faceted surf artist Matt Allen shares some of his recent photography, art, and design work – all thoughtfully sourced from the ocean. Enjoy.

Phil Roberts Leroy Grannis Longboarding Surf Cartoon5. Artist Portfolio: Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts, the artist behind the bronze Pipeline Masters trophy for the last 15 years, might just create the most valuable surfboard we’ve ever seen.

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