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Remember this clunky bastard? Yeah, the iPhone’s come a long way. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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A decade ago, Apple released the first generation of the iPhone. Since, the product has risen to a level of unparalleled ubiquity among so-called smartphones. Hell, chances are high you’re reading this on an iPhone right now. The iPhone is more than a telephone, a camera, a device to access the internet, or a GPS system. It’s a cultural icon that’s literally seeped into every corner of society, including ours that tends to include more ocean water, dirt, and snow – hazards for electronics – than others. Below are ten iPhone-related stories we’ve enjoyed looking back on that go to show it’s one of the ultimate tools for the athletes and creatives that inspire us.

Damn, autocorrect!

1. 6 Ridiculous (Semi-Explicit) Surfer iPhone Autocorrects

Ever been unsuccessfully corrected by the little brain in your smartphone when texting? You’re not alone.

2. Ski Video Shot on iPhone is the Internet’s WTF Moment of the Day


Nicolas Vuignier, a Swiss freeskier, invented the craziest selfie stick without the stick known to man.

3. This Girl Dunked an iPhone 7 In The Ocean. Here’s What Happened

Samantha Clarke took the newest iPhone surfing with her (well, kind of surfing… she sat on a surfboard, at least) and put it to the test. According to the YouTube description, they sent her to “see if the new iPhone can withstand the sharks, crashing blue waves and extreme rip currents.” Who knew Bondi was such a death trap!?

4. Kai Lenny Puts New iPhone7 Through the Surf Test (and Watches The Endless Summer in the Lineup)

Waterproof phones are completely necessary for people who can’t handle their liquor and let a night of binge drinking turn into a $600 hungover stroll to the At&t store on Sunday morning.

Well before the “shot on an iPhone” campaign, photogs were snapping images like this one at Ala Moana. Photo: Lesser

5. iPhone Fun at Ala Moana Bowls

No ports or heavy housing, just a fun little camera and a pair of “flippas.”

Shot by Alastair B.
in The Cairngorms, Scotland; filling the frame with the subject can help the viewer focus on its details — like the texture of the reindeer’s fur and antlers.
App Used: Camera

6. Amazing iPhone Photography from All Over the World

We spend wa-aaay too much time on our phones, but some good has come of this generational epidemic of carpal tunnel — amazing photography.

7. Willow Creek: Big Sur Through an iPhone

“The day before taking off to Big Sur, I fried my Canon 5D, so all I had available up there was my iPhone and fortunately a pretty legit underwater housing for it. Fun times!”

8. BASE Jumper Rescues Dropped iPhone; Makes Most Amazing Video for Owner

“From time to time, I’ll watch an edit by an action sports athlete or outdoorsman and instantly feel like we need to be best friends. This is one of those edits.”

9. This Housing Wants to Turn Your Phone into the Perfect Surf Photog Setup

Whether you have a DD (that’s designated documentarian) or you switch off taking photos between friends, it’s important to have the water angle covered in the off chance somebody gets slotted.

10. This Awesome Music Video of a Lone Surfer Was Shot Entirely on a Smartphone

…it was just the most feasible solution to take the iPhone in order to stay within a very slim budget.

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