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The Inertia

Nature is pretty damn incredible. And no one was been working as hard in the last few years to capture the natural ocean world on film as Carlos Gauna, a California-based image maker also known as the Malibu Artist. Carlos was in Brazil recently and brought back some ultra-rare drone footage: a tiger shark attacking a sea turtle.

“This is part two of my search for sharks in Brazil (see part one, here),” he wrote. “This footage was captured during my visit to Fernando De Noronha. It’s an island located 300 miles off the northeastern coast of Brazil.(It’s) the first aerial documentation on record of tiger sharks attempting predations on sea turtles. As a result, continued monitoring of this bay has ensued by local scientists and the beach is now closed to human water activities.”

Carlos started out filming sharks along the California coast, which we watched with interest because he often captures great whites swimming close to surfers, and generally hunting in the surf zones for rays and other food. But he’s expanded his game and now travels the world getting these predators on film.

The whole video is pretty mesmerizing but the shark-turtle chase begins at the around the 6:20 mark.

See more work from Carlos Gauna on his YouTube page.


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