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Long -sleeve swimsuits (aka surf suits) are a great option for summer surfing. Photo: Tommy Pierucki//The Inertia

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When your adventures take you to warm water, the need for neoprene becomes nonexistent. While bikini sessions are nice, they require a lot of sunscreen and constant adjustments to ensure your suit stays in place for the entirety of your session. In the summertime or during tropical travels, we regularly find ourselves reaching for a long-sleeve swimsuit, also known as a surf suit, as a happy medium.

For those who aren’t familiar, a surf suit combines a rashguard and bathing suit to provide a stylish one-piece option for sun protection in warm water. Here, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite long-sleeve swimsuits that are comfortable, cute, and offer plenty of protection for those toasty summer sessions. For more information check out our Comparison Table and Buyer’s Guide.

The Best Long-Sleeve Swimsuits for Women

Best Overall Surf Suit: Slipins Zippered Long-Sleeve Swimsuit

Best Value Surf Suit: O’Neill Bellamy Myrtos Surf Suit

Most Supportive Surf Suit: Carve Designs LS All Day Onesie Swimsuit

Best Sustainable Surf Suit: Patagonia Long-Sleeved Swell Seeker One-Piece Swimsuit

Most Stylish Surf Suit: Seea Valentina Surf Suit

Best High-Performance Surf Suit: prAna McKalya One-Piece Swimsuit

Best Overall Surf Suit

Slipins Zippered Long-Sleeve Swimsuit ($150)

Pros: Four-way stretch fabric, 17-inch zipper
Cons: Hand slits can dig in

Comfortable and stylish, Slipins Long-Sleeve Swimsuit is what it is: a long-sleeve swim suit made from rashguard material. The suit features four-way stretch fabric for a comfortable yet flattering fit. The 17-inch zipper allows for easy entry and exit, and the quick-drying fabric is much appreciated for quick turnaround times between sessions. Offering UPF 50-plus protection, the suit blocks 98 percent of UVA and UVB rays — just be sure and sunscreen that booty as these suits have a cheeky fit.

If you prefer full body coverage, Slipins offers Surfskins that will keep you covered from head to toe. The high neckline and hand slits provide maximum sun protection, but our tester found the hand slits can dig in after a while (she just slips her hand out when this happens and she’s good to go). Available in multiple colors and patterns, each print is inspired by the ocean and is uniquely beautiful. Our personal favorite is their popular whale shark print.

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Best Value Surf Suit

O’Neill Bellamy Myrtos Surf Suit ($71)

Pros: Back zip closure, all over print
Cons: Only comes in one print option

Featuring an all over print and a secure fit, the O’Neill Bellamy Myrtos suit was made with surfing in mind. The suit sports a long sleeve design, medium coverage, and a back zip closure so nothing gets in the way while you’re paddling. Made from a blend of 82% recycled polyamide and 18% elastane, this suit stays in place while paddling but is lightweight, comfortable, and dries quickly. What else could you want in a surf suit?

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Most Supportive Surf Suit

Carve Designs LS All Day Onesie Swimsuit ($110)

carve designs surf suit

Pros: Built-in shelf bra
Cons: Front zipper sometimes digs in while paddling

For woman who want a suit with some extra support for the girls, look no further than the Carve Designs LS All Day Onesie Swimsuit. Where most surf suits are thin like a rashguard and require you to wear a swim top underneath them, the All Day Onesie has a built-in shelf bra with a removable pads. Our tester loved that the pads were removable, so they were there when she wanted them or she could simply remove them when she didn’t. Additionally, the suit offers UPF 50+ sun protection and full coverage. The front zip design makes it easy to get the suit on and off, but sometimes digs in while paddling.

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Best Sustainable Surf Suit

Patagoina Swell Seeker One-Piece Swimsuit ($189)

Pros: Soft and stretchy fabric, Fair Trade Certified sewn
Cons: Pricey

Quality meets performance in the Patagonia Long-Sleeved Swell Seeker One-Piece Swimsuit. Fair Trade Certified sewn, the suit is made from soft and stretchy 83 percent recycled polyester/17 percent spandex (prints) or 83 percent recycled nylon/17 percent spandex (solids). The high neck, long arms, and full coverage seat ensure maximum sun protection. The suit can be worn over a bikini top or on its own, so it’s incredibly versatile. The price is a bit steep but like all things from Patagonia, this suit it built to last.

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Most Stylish Surf Suit

Seea Valentina Surf Suit

Pros: Stylish, quick-dry fabric
Cons: Low cut neck doesn’t protect chest from the sun

Seea’s Valentina Surf Suit feels like a cross between a rashguard and a springsuit, offering plenty of sun protection and a little added warmth. Featuring a retro-inspired cut, the suit features a low v-cut neckline, a slightly higher cut leg, and a cheeky rear.

The suit is rated to UPF 30-plus and the long sleeves and full back provide coverage and sun protection — just be sure to sunscreen your chest as the low cut won’t protect you from the sun there. The textured fabric adds style points and everything is quick drying so you can wear it for beach hangs post surf. Like most things from Seea, the Valentina is well made and is sure to last you for years to come.

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Best High-Performance Surf Suit

prAna McKalya One-Piece Swimsuit ($115)

Pros: Full coverage, high performance suit
Cons: Not the most stylish

The prAna McKayla One-Piece swimsuit is designed with function in mind. Rated UPF 50+, it has moderate seat coverage and provides full coverage in the front and back. Fair Trade Certified sewn, the McKalya is made from ECONYL, a recycled performance fabric that is stretchy, quick drying, and chlorine-resistant. Additionally, the front of the suit is fully lined, has flatlock stiching, soft comfort binding at the legs and seams, and has a quarter-length front zipper.

The combination of nylon and elastane allow the suit to be reliably stretchy and the comfort binding along the neck and leg seams ensure the McKalya stays firmly in place, which is why we chose it as the best high-performance suit. The front zipper allows for some ventilation and flexibility, but has a built-in piece of fabric so you don’t have to worry about anything slipping out while you shred.

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Best of the Rest

Roxy Active Long-Sleeve Back-Zip One-Piece Swimsuit ($106)

roxy surf suit

Pros: Made from recycled fabric, sunscreen and chlorine resistant
Cons: Only available in two styles

Created from a blend of lycra and recycled fabric, the Roxy Active Long-Sleeve was designed with performance in mind. The suit features a crew neck and back zip and offers UPF 50 protection. The fitted design and all over print are cute and flattering and the suit is comfortable to paddle and surf in — cutout seams on the sides further enhance the comfort level. To top it off, the suit is chlorine and sunscreen resistant, so you can rest easy knowing it’s a suit you’ll have in your collection for awhile.

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Rip Curl Mirage Ultimate UPF Surf Suit ($170)

Pros: UPF 50+ rating, back zip
Cheeky rear doesn’t provide full sun protection

When SPF and surf suit are in the name of the suit, you know it’s going to be a good one. The Rip Curl Mirage Ultimate SPF Surf Suit was designed to offer maximum sun protection and security while surfing. Made from a blend of 87 percent nylon and 13 percent elastane, the suit offers full protection of the arms, back, and chest, with a slightly cheeky rear. The suit features a back zip and is rated UPF 50+, so you can rest easy knowing it’s got you covered.

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Best Long-Sleeve Swimsuits Comparison Table

Surf Suit Cost UPF Rating Eco-Friendly?
Slipins Zippered Long-Sleeve Swimsuit $150 50+ No
O’Neill Bellamy Myrtos Surf Suit $71 N/A Yes
Carve Designs LS All Day Onesie Swimsuit $110 50+
Patagonia Long-Sleeved Swell Seeker One-Piece Swimsuit $189 N/A Yes
Seea Valentina Surf Suit $160 30+ Yes
prAna McKalya One-Piece Swimsuit  $115 50+ Yes
Roxy Active Long-Sleeve Back-Zip One-Piece Swimsuit  $106 50+ Yes
Rip Curl Mirage Ultimate UPF Surf Suit $170 50+ No

slipins surf suit

The author, surfing in her Slipins surf suit under the Fijian sun. Photo: Beau Blake//The Inertia

How We Tested The Best Long-Sleeve Swimsuits

Living in Hawaii, our tester spends a lot of time in the sun. To test out these suits, she went for lots of surfs when the sun was high and put them through the wringer in a variety of conditions. She also wore them for SUP surfing, traditional stand up paddling, kayaking, and surfing. A few of the suits even accompanied her on a trip to Fiji. While testing, she considered comfort, performance, and how well the suits blocked the sun.

Editor’s Note: We first ran this review in May of 2023 and updated it in June of 2024. We deleted a couple of suits that are no longer available and added in a new one. We also added some additional info to our Buyer’s Guide to keep you as well informed as possible when shopping for a new surf suit.

Long-Sleeve Swimsuits Rating Table

Surf Suit Overall Rating Comfort Sun Protection Durability Style
Slipins Zippered Longsleeve Swimsuit  4.5 4 5 4 5
O’Neill Bellamy Myrtos Surf Suit 4.5 5 5 4 4
Carve Designs LS All Day Onesie Swimsuit 4.5 4 5 5 4
Patagonia Long-Sleeved Swell Seeker One-Piece Swimsuit 4.5 4 5 5 4
Seea Valentina Surf Suit  4 4 4 4 4
prAna McKalya One-Piece Swimsuit  4 4 5 4 3
Roxy Active Long-Sleeve Back-Zip One-Piece Swimsuit  4.5 4 5 5 4
Rip Curl Mirage Ultimate UPF Surf Suit  4.25 4 5 4 4

a womam surfing in the tropics wearing a surf suits

Surf suits offer security and sun protection. Photo: Courtney Britton//The Inertia

Best Long-Sleeve Swimsuits Buyer’s Guide

What Is a Long-Sleeve Swimsuit (aka Surf Suit)?

In short, a surf suit is essentially a cross between a rashguard and a swimsuit. Typically, they have long sleeves, UPF protection, and are made from a lightweight, quick-drying, and high-performance material. They’re a great option if you’re looking for sun protection and want to ensure everything stays in place while surfing and help prevent bikini mishaps. Below we’ve rounded up some key features to look for and consider when buying a surf suit.

When it comes to clothing and surf gear, we’re all about comfort. Our tester spends a lot of time in the water and while she’s surfing, she wants a suit that feels like a second skin so she can focus on the waves and not her wardrobe. A feature that deters from comfort is when the zipper digs into your chest while paddling – something to look for.

Sun Protection
One of the main reasons for wearing a long-sleeve swimsuit is sun protection, so it’s important that it delivers in this department. Before purchasing, we check the cut of the suit to ensure it provides ample coverage. We also look for UPF ratings on the tags — a UPF rating of 50 or more is super solid and will keep you nice and protected. It’s important to note that many of the suits on our list don’t have UPF ratings. This doesn’t mean that they don’t offer sun protection, simply that the brand hasn’t run the suit through the testing and certification process to obtain a UPF rating.

Best Overall Surf Suit
Best Overall Surf Suit

The Slipins Zippered Longsleeve Swimsuit is the ultimate surf suit. It’s rated UPF 50+, has a full-length front zipper, dries quickly, is stretchy, and quite comfortable. Plus, it looks good too.

Price: $150

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Like any swimsuit, surf suits tend to stretch out over time. The cheaper the material and quality of the suit, the quicker it will stretch out. Although it can be difficult to tell in the store or online, we try and look for suits that appear to be well made and we often gravitate towards brands we know and trust.

Although it’s not essential for performance, we want our suit to look good. We like suits that come in fun prints or bold solids in flattering cuts.

What Else Makes a Good Long-Sleeve Swimsuit?


Before purchasing a long-sleeve swimsuit, consider the types of zippers it has. While front zippers provide easy access, they can dig in while paddling if they’re poorly placed. Other suits are zipper-less, but can be more difficult to get on and off. Something to think about.

Ready for a secure and sun-protected surf. Photo: Tommy Pierucki//The Inertia


Most long-sleeve swimsuits are made from lightweight, quick drying material, which comes in handy if you plan on hanging out in your suit post-session or heading back out for round two. Others, though, are made from a thicker material which can be helpful in preventing rashes and adding a bit of warmth. Consider what’s important to you before purchasing.


Like a wetsuit or swimsuit, it’s important to take good care of your surf suit to ensure it has as long a life as possible. Be sure and rinse your suit in fresh water after each use and hang it to dry out of direct sunlight. We haven’t had any issues running our suits through the washing machine, but we recommend you check washing instructions and always hang your suit to dry.

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