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billabong springsuit

Billabong’s springsuits are the epitome of style and comfort. Photo: Jody Marcon

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The days are growing longer and the water is getting warmer, meaning it’s time to stash your winter suit and switch to a less obtrusive option. Springsuit wetsuits are typically more flexible, more comfortable, and come in a variety of different styles, so it’s easy to find a suit best suited to your needs. As more women find their way to surfing, the wetsuit options continue to expand and there are a number of springsuits designed specifically with lady sliders in mind. I took into consideration what makes a solid springsuit and set out to find the best women’s springsuits in the business. Read on for my top picks, and for more information such as how we tested, check out our buyer’s guide and comparison table.

What Are the Best Women’s Springsuits?

Best Overall Springsuit: Billabong Spring Fever Long Sleeve Spring Suit
Best for Excessive Paddling: Seea Sydney 2mm Yulex Long Jane
Best for Warmest Water: Patagonia R1 Spring Jane
Best Eco Option: Kassia + Surf Not So Long Jane
Best for When It’s Chillier Than Expected: Sisstrevolution Summer Seas
Most Affordable:
Roxy Syncro Springsuit

Other Springsuits We Love

Xcel V Back Short Jane Springsuit
Patagonia R1 Front-Zip Long-Sleeve Spring Suit
O’Neill Bahia 2/1 Front-Zip Springsuit
Ripcurl Revival G-Bomb Long Sleeve Boyleg Springsuit
Manera Seafarer Chest Zip Long Sleeve Springsuit

Best Overall Springsuit

Billabong Spring Fever Long Sleeve Spring Suit ($150)

Durability: 9
Comfort and Flexibility: 10
Style: 10
Overall: 9.7/10

A performance-minded springsuit designed specifically for women, the Spring Fever suit sports a cheeky boy short cut and long sleeve arms for added warmth. Created with the environment in mind, the 2mm suits is made from Recycled Superlight neoprene—a mix of recycled car tires and neoprene scraps topped with a 100 % recycled Superflex jersey. Part of Billabong’s famous Surf Capsule collection, the Spring Fever comes in six different fun patterns that are sure to make a splash in the lineup. At two millimeters (mm) thick, the suit is plenty warm for spring and summer, the material is comfortable and flexible, and an internal key loop is included. In my personal experience, Billabong’s springsuits run a tad big so I’d suggest ordering a size down.


seea long jane

A long jane/john suit has full legs and no sleeves for ease of paddling. Photo: Jody Marcon

Best for Excessive Paddling

Seea Sydney 2mm Yulex Long Jane ($275)

Durability: 10
Comfort and Flexibility: 9
Style: 10
Overall: 9.7/10

The Sydney suit’s timeless retro vibes combined with modern wetsuit technology make it a worthy warmer-weather option. Made from two-mm, natural rubber, the long legs and sleeveless upper body provide the necessary warmth to keep your core warm while keeping your arms free. The suit features a Velcro and snap-button closure for easy entry, low-arm opening to reduce chafing, and extra padding on the knees for comfort while knee paddling. Although the price is a little steep, the suit offers a flattering fit and has everything you could want in a Long Jane style suit.

patagonia spring jane

The Patagonia Spring Jane is great for warm water. Photo: Jody Marcon

Best for Warmest Water

Patagonia R1 Spring Jane ($139)

Durability: 10
Comfort and Flexibility: 10
Style: 8
Overall: 9.3/10

Ringing in at 2mm thick, the Spring Jane offers maximum flex for warm-water sessions. Fair Trade Certified sewn, the suit is made from 85 percent Yulex natural rubber that comes from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The suit features a formfitting design with a step-in entry, internal key loop, and racerback detailing. Out of the box, the suit looked pretty basic but on it is flattering, has a classic, retro look, and is effortlessly comfortable.

Xcel V Back Short Jane Springsuit

The Xcel V Back Short Jane is perfect for windy days in Hawaii.

Xcel V Back Short Jane Springsuit ($45)

Durability: 9
Comfort and Flexibility: 9
Style: 9
Overall: 9/10 

Xcel’s V Back Short Jane Springsuit is the perfect suit for when you need maximum comfort with a little extra warmth. This suit is made from eco-friendly limestone neoprene that offers 100% high performance stretch. The tank V back design and subtle print make for a fun aesthetic and with no sleeves and no legs, this suit is super flexible and comfortable. I live on Oahu, and this suit has quickly become my go-to for days when the wind is up and I want to keep my core warm.

patagonia springsuit

Patagonia’s springsuits feature a front-zip key loop. Photo: Caleb Heikes.

Patagonia R1 Front-Zip Long-Sleeve Spring Suit ($269)

Durability: 10
Comfort and Flexibility: 8
Style: 8
Overall: 8.7/10

Whenever I purchase a garment from Patagonia I know it’s going to fit well, be sustainably made, and withstand the test of time. The R1 Lite Yulex Springsuit is no exception. The above option from Patagonia is great for the warmest of waters, but if you’re looking for a little more warmth with Patagonia’s attention to detail, this one fits the bill. The suit fits like a glove, is stretchy, incredibly warm, and delivers the comfort you need for long days on the water.

oneil bahia springsuit

Photo: Caleb Heikes.

O’Neill Bahia 2/1 Front-Zip Springsuit ($129)

Durability: 8
Comfort and Flexibility: 10
Style: 8
Overall: 8.7/10

For those who aren’t fans of the back zip, or the all-black color option from O’Neill, above, check out the Bahia Front Zip. Available in four different color options, the Bahia suit looks good while remaining a high-performance suit. The suit features a full-length front zip entry, strategically placed and flatlock-stitched breathable seams, and stretchy neoprene, the combination of which makes for a comfortable and warm wetsuit. The suit is easy to put on, feels buttery soft against the skin, and keeps you warm on chilly spring mornings – it’s a winner.


Rpicurl G bomb revival boyleg

Ripcurl Revival G-Bomb Long Sleeve Boyleg Springsuit ($130)

Durability: 8
Comfort and Flexibility: 8
Style: 10
Overall: 8.7/10

Sporting retro vibes, Ripcurl’s Surf Revival G-Bomb Springsuit delivers style and comfort. At 1 mm thick, the suit is flexible and comfortable and provides essential added warmth for when the wind picks up or the water cools down. Made from 100% E5 neoprene, the suits features E-stitch stretch seams, a back-zip entry, and a boy cut leg design. The Surf Revival suit is lightweight and comfortable and feels like a second skin, making it perfect for summer sessions. Interested in the cheeky cut? Here it is.

kassia long jane wetsuit

The Long Jane Wetsuit pairs well with a classic log. Photo: Jody Marcon

Best Eco Option

Kassia + Surf Not So Long Jane ($150)

Durability: 9
Comfort and Flexibility: 8
Style: 9
Overall: 8.7/10

Part of a limited edition collection, the Not So Long Jane is an environmentally friendly update to the original version of the suit. The eco-conscious design features Yamato limestone neoprene, recycled fleece lining, and updated loop key pockets. Other standout features include a smoothie V over the chest to retain heat, fabric knee pads, Velcro plus snap closure, double bind stitch and glued seams, and ¾-length legs. At first I was hesitant about the ¾-length legs as the fit reminded me of high waters, but after trying on the suit I thought the cut was flattering and minimized water buildup. Overall, the two mm felt comfortable and durable and the sleeveless cut allowed for maximum arm movement.

If you’re interested in more of the classic springsuit vibes with the same eco-friendly guarantee of Kassia + Surf, check out Kassia’s Of Earth 1.5 mm Shorty.

sisstrevolution springsuit

Sisstrevolution’s suits are comfortable and stylish. Photo: Jody Marcon

Best for When It’s Chillier Than Expected

Sisstrevolution Summer Seas Long Sleeve Springsuit ($128)

Durability: 10
Comfort and Flexibility: 8
Style: 8
Overall: 8.7/10

Designed for warm water sessions, the Summer Seas suit is made from a light limestone based neoprene, making it light, soft, warm, and flexible. The suit is made using Dope Dyed fabric, a soft, eco-friendly, anti-fade fabric that is made by Bluesign-approved mills. Additional features include a short back zipper with Thermal Flush Barrier entry, flatlock stitch seams, a key cord, and Glideskin on the neck to prevent flushing. The suit features a tailored fit to extenuate curves and is available in fun patterns that give it a feminine flare. Although the longer legs aren’t as stylish as a bikini-cut style, they do offer full-booty coverage and prevent the dreaded wedgie, which is a win in my book.


Manera Seafarer Wetsuit

Manera Seafarer Bikini Wetsuit ($205)

Durability: 10
Comfort and Flexibility: 8
Style: 8
Overall: 8.7/10

Manera’s Seafarer offers everything you need in a good springsuit: warmth, comfort, and durability. At 3/2 mm thick, the Seafarer is essentially a fullsuit with the legs cut off, so it runs warmer than most springsuits while remaining plenty comfortable. To top it off, the suit is well made and will no doubt last for years to come. The Seafarer suit sports a sleek design and a chest-zip entry to ensure maximum warmth. The suit fits like a glove and is simple yet flattering.


Roxy Syncro Springsuit ($105)

Durability: 9
Comfort and Flexibility: 8
Style: 6
Overall: 7.7/10

Roxy knows a thing or two about making women’s wetsuits. The Syncro Springsuit sports a classic cut, with a short sleeve design for maximum warmth and flexibility. The Syncro features Roxy’s signature StretchFlight 2 neoprene for added comfort and warmth. Made from a limestone-derivate friendly neoprene that is made from scrap rubber tires, this suit uses 24% less CO2 emissions per wetsuit. Other thoughtful features include coil Q-lock stitched seams, a water-based glue for lamination, a back zip entry system, an ultra-smooth neoprene neck seal, and recycled polyester and nylon are used for the linings. In terms of performance and comfort this suit delivers, but the style is a little dated for my preference.

Comparison Table

Springsuit Price Overall Cut Eco-Friendly
Billabong Spring Fever Long Sleeve $150 9.7 Long-sleeve bikini cut Yes
Seea Sydney 2mm Yulex Long Jane $275 9.7 Long Jane Yes
Patagonia R1 Spring Jane $139 9.3 Spring Jane Yes
Xcel V Back Short Jane Springsuit $45 9.0 Short Jane Yes
Patagonia R1 Front-Zip Long-Sleeve Spring Suit $269 8.7 Long-sleeve booty cut Yes
O’Neill Bahia 2/1 Front-Zip Springsuit $129 8.7 Long-sleeve booty cut No
Ripcurl Revival G-Bomb Long Sleeve Boyleg Springsuit $129 8.7 Long-sleeve booty cut No
Kassia + Surf Not So Long Jane $130 8.7 Long Jane Yes
Sisstrevolution 7 Seas Long Sleeve Springsuit $128 8.7 Long-sleeve booty cut Yes
Manera Seafarer Bikini Wetsuit $205 8.7 Long-sleeve bikini cut No
Roxy Syncro Springsuit $105 7.7 Short-sleeve short cut Yes

What Makes a Good Springsuit?

Unlike a fullsuit, springsuits aren’t designed to keep you warm in frigid temperatures — they simply offer sun protection and an added layer for a little extra comfort when the water is a tad chilly. My top criteria when selecting a suit are durability, comfort/flexibility, cost, and of course, style.

Best Overall Springsuit
Best Overall Springsuit

The Billabong Spring Fever Long Sleeve Spring Suit has everything you could want in a women’s spinguit. At two millimeters (mm) thick, the suit is plenty warm for spring and summer, the eco-friendly material is comfortable and flexible, and the patterns are bright and fun.

Check Price on Amazon


Although springsuits are significantly cheaper than fullsuits, they still don’t come cheap and as such, I want a suit that will last me multiple seasons. In the summer, I typically only wear my springsuit during dawn patrol sessions or when it’s windy, so I expect the suit to last even longer than my full. Of course, how well you take care of your suit is also going to affect its lifespan, so be sure and rinse with freshwater and hang to dry (in the shade!) between sessions.


The idea of springsuit season is what powers me through the cold, unfortunate days of struggling into a stiff 4/3. In my opinion, springsuits are meant to be comfortable and flexible and should feel like a second skin, allowing you to move with ease. If the suit isn’t comfortable, there’s no point and I certainly won’t be buying it.


For one reason or another, there is much more variety available for springsuits than fullsuits. There are different cuts, colors, and patterns, so it’s really an opportunity to express yourself. Although it isn’t essential to performance, I’m all about style when it comes to springsuits.

filli springsuits atmosea

Photo: Jody Marcon

What Else Should I Look for in a Springsuit?


Since advanced technology to keep you warm isn’t as necessary in a springsuit, I prefer to not spend as much. My goal is to find a suit that’s available in my desired style, comes in a fun print, and isn’t too pricey. However, there are some eco-friendly options out there now that come at a higher price point and it can be worth shelling out a few extra bucks in the name of the environment.

Key Pocket

Car break-ins are common where I live, so I really want a suit that has a place to stash a key. When I’m in the market for a new springsuit, I look for a suit that has a key pocket or some sort of key loop so I can keep my key on my person as opposed to in my wheel well.

sirensong springsuits

Photo: Jody Marcon


Zippers are buttons are important to consider when buying a springsuit. Typically, you’re safe with a back zip, but if the suit sports a front zipper, you’ll want to make sure it’s positioned in a way that’s not going to dig into you while paddling. I’ve wound up with some pretty significant bruises due to poorly placed buttons and zippers, so it’s definitely something I look for nowadays.

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