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The Best Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are becoming a top choice for outdoors enthusiasts. Here’s why. Photo: James Ferrell/The Inertia

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While the symbolism of a traditional wedding band’s precious metal strength is certainly romantic (unbreakable like the bonds of matrimony!), in practice, that very strength can be a liability in the outdoors.

Also, countless professionals, from electricians to doctors, discourage the use of metal rings for safety reasons. So silicone rings have had a moment in recent years as an alternative to metal rings because they’re safer, more comfortable, and easier on the wallet to replace if lost or stolen.

Now that silicone rings have surged in popularity, the space has become crowded with all manner of styles, colors, patterns, and price points. We sampled a wide array of rings from various manufacturers, putting them through their paces in the water while surfing and stand-up paddleboarding, pulling parent-duty building sandcastles at the beach, projecting boulder problems at the rock climbing gym, and shredding on the ski hill.

So here’s our list of the best silicone rings of 2024. If you’d like to see how they all match up at a glance, skip ahead to our Comparison Table and Ratings Chart. For more information on what to look for, check out our Buyer’s Guide.

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published in January 2023. Since that time, our lead ring tester, Dylan Heyden, and our gear editors have kept a close eye on new products that have hit the market, as well as any updates or changes to our picks. The story was recently updated to include Enso’s newly launched Hybrid ring, rings from Ridge, and other styles from Qalo. Our top picks have been adjusted accordingly.

The Best Silicone Rings of 2024

Best Silicone Ring For Men: QALO Polished Step Edge
Best Silicone Ring For Women: Groove Life Solid Thin Silicone Ring
Best Budget Silicone Ring: ROQ Action Rings Beveled 4-Pack
Most Durable Silicone Ring: Groove Life Zeus
Best Engravable Silicone Ring: QALO Metallic Strata
Most Realistic Precious Metal Look Silicone Ring: Enso Elements Classic

Best Silicone Ring for Men

QALO Polished Step Edge ($30)

QALO Polished Step Edge

Shop Men’s 
Pros: To-the-point styling, flexible yet sturdy, solid price point
Cons: Not as breathable as others, limited colors
Width: 9mm, 6.5mm

Close your eyes and picture a silicone wedding band, and it’s bound to look a lot like QALO’s Polished Step Edge ring. That’s exactly what we loved about it. The Step Edge features a classic, understated look, is rugged and durable, and incredibly comfortable.

After testing silicone rings for over a year, we’ve concluded that it’s the small details that make the difference. The matte face of the Step Edge gives it the appearance of brushed metal, while the edges are shinier to complete a two-tone look. This gave the QALO a classic appearance without looking like a cheap beater silicone ring.

The durable material also stood up to numerous surfs and workouts in the climbing gym without taking on so much as a blemish. We honestly forgot we were wearing it most days, although the sticky interior texture did make it tough to take on and off. At $30 at the time of writing, the Step Edge is pretty middle-of-the-road compared to other, more premium silicone rings on our list.

The Step Edge is available in standard (9mm) and narrow (6.5mm) widths. Compared to other rings on the list, the Step Edge isn’t the most breathable — there aren’t any internal channels like other designs. And, if you’re looking for a ring that allows you to express yourself fully, the Step Edge is only offered in 5 colorways, so you may want to look at the brand’s other offerings.


Best Silicone Ring for Women

Groove Life Solid Thin Silicone Ring ($30)

Groove Life Solid Thin Silicone Ring

Pros: Thin design, comfortable, 94-year warranty
Cons:  Doesn’t come in half sizes
Width: 5.5mm

Right off the bat, we found that the women’s Groove Life Solid, much like the men’s Groove Life’s Nomad (below), was incredibly comfortable. It comes in a thin design, which made it our top pick for women as it provides a better fit for slim fingers. The ring is sleek on the outside, with a little bit of texture on the interior to help prevent slipping. It doesn’t acquire grit or sand and feels like you’re wearing nothing. Our women’s ring tester leads a highly active lifestyle and is usually not a fan of rings, but she has been wearing her Groove Life ring for a year with no issues.

Available in 13 different colors and nine different size options, there are plenty of choices for everyone. Although there are many sizes, we wish Groove Life offered half sizes to provide a more secure fit. Make sure you pick a ring that fits snugly, as they stretch out a little bit with wear. Groove Life offers a 94-year comprehensive warranty — whether it’s a manufacturing error or you lost or destroyed the ring yourself, they’ll replace it (though they might charge you a replacement fee if it’s your fault).


Best Budget Silicone Ring

ROQ Action Rings Beveled 4-Pack ($12)

ROQ Action Rings Beveled 4-Pack

Shop Men’s | Shop Women’s
Pros: Low price point, so losing them isn’t the end of the world
Cons: Not as durable as more premium models
Width: 8mm

That ROQ’s rings come in packs of four should tell you all you need to know about how the brand has cornered the market on affordability. At the time of this writing, a four-pack of the beveled edge rings we tested was on sale for $11.99 from a typical retail price of $42.99. While ROQ’s rings were far from the most durable we tested, they fit the bill for those looking for utility at the right price.


Most Durable Silicone Ring

Groove Life Zeus ($55)

Groove Life Zeus

Shop Men’s | Shop Women’s (Zeus Thin)
Inner nylon layer helps prevent stretching over time
Rubbery texture attracts unwelcome grit, pricey in comparison to others
Width: 10mm, 5.5mm

If you spend hours per week in the gym training, are an avid climber, work with your hands, or do any other physical outdoor activity with such regularity that the callouses on your hands are the size of boulders, you need a silicone ring that can keep up. The Zeus and Zeus Thin are our picks for the guy and gal looking for the highest-performing, most durable ring out there.

Groove Life’s Zeus line features an inner nylon layer that prevents stretching over time but will still break safely if put under extreme stress. In testing, we noticed the Zeus, while soft and comfortable like every other ring we tested, had hardly any give when trying to take it off. This thing was super strong.

The only downside we found about the Zeus was that its rubbery texture made it susceptible to gathering lint, fine sand, and climbing chalk. Dealing with this was not a huge issue — a simple rinse did the trick, normally. And it did eventually improve after some time. But this initial stickiness kept us from recommending the Zeus as the top pick for surfers who spend countless hours at the beach. That, and the price. The Zeus is the most expensive silicone-only ring to make our list ($54.95 at the time of this writing). As we mentioned above, Groove Life offers a generous warranty for all of its rings. And if performance, quality, and durability are high on your list, the Zeus is your best bet.

Editor’s Note: The sticky texture we noted in our original review that knocked the Zeus down a few points did improve over time, so we’ve updated our scoring. Also, when we originally tested Groove Life’s Zeus rings, the line was limited to the Zeus and Zeus Thin. Now, though, Groove Life offers a Zeus Edge (which is what we tested), Zeus Step, Zeus Hammered, and Zeus Thin. All are offered in a variety of colors. As we test these newer styles, we will update the guide accordingly.


Best Engravable Silicone Ring

QALO Metallic Strata ($30)

QALO Metallic Strata
Shop Men’s | Shop Women’s
Pros: Good comfort, engravable
Cons: On the stretchier side of things
Width: 9mm

QALO’s Metallic Strata scored high on comfort but unfortunately lost a few points on durability. However, one thing we love about the QALO line of silicone rings is the option to have them engraved. And the QALO Strata rings add a bit of extra flair to your engraving, with the second layer showing through underneath. You can also check out the brand’s full line of engravable rings here.


Most Realistic Precious Metal Look Silicone Ring

Enso Elements Classic ($40)

Enso Metallic Silicone Ring

Shop Men’s | Shop Women’s (Halo)
Pros: Sturdy, classic metallic look
Cons: Stretchier than others
Width: 6mm, various

For those keen to enjoy the benefits of a silicone ring but less interested in the silicone look or patterned style, Enso rings have our nod for the most realistic precious metal look. Infused with precious metals, Enso’s Elements Classic in gold had an uncanny glint that very much resembled the author’s own metal wedding band. Overall, Enso Elements had a little more give than Groove Life’s offerings but still felt much sturdier than the budget-friendly options we tested.


Best of the Rest

Best Low-Profile Men’s Ring

Ridge 6mm silicone Ring Set ($50)

Ridge 6mm Silicone RingPros: Thin yet sturdy construction, channel for breathability, 2-for-1 set
Cons: Satin finish makes the ring feel less secure
Width: 6mm, various

If your primary consideration when looking for a sturdy silicone ring is that it stays out of the way so you can do what you do, Ridge’s 6mm silicone ring set may be just the thing. At 6mm, the Ridge was the thinnest men’s ring we put through testing, and it was nice to set it and forget it.

We found the step edge had a pleasing look to it. And, while stretchy, the Ridge didn’t feel flimsy. Ridge’s rings also feature an interior channel for breathability during high-output activities. Ridge sells its silicone bands in sets of 2 for $65, which puts the price at $32.50. So they’re not cheap. But the quality is definitely high, and it’s nice to have a backup immediately on hand in the event your primary breaks.


Most Unique Ring

Enso Hybrid Ring ($299)

Enso Hybrid RingPros: Unique solution to juggling between metal and silicone bands
Cons: Limited colors and only available for men
Width: 6.6mm inner (outer shell slightly wider)

A silicone ring is great during active pursuits, but sometimes, a fancy occasion may call for something more refined. That annoying little problem of needing to switch back and forth between a silicone band and a metal band led Enso, a company known for its innumerable silicone ring options, to seek a better way. Enter Enso’s hybrid ring system, which is pretty clever.

This two-in-one system allows for a silicone ring to nest inside a precious metal shell. Remove the silicone ring and use it as a stand-alone during workouts, and then nest it back in and wear the hybrid ring when you’re feeling more refined. In testing, we found this to be a unique partial solution to the whole ring-swapping dilemma. You’ve only got one ring when both pieces are together, but when just wearing the silicone bit, you’ll still need to store the metal shell without losing it. Enso uses rings from their Elements Classic line for the liner, and at present, the ring is only available for men in two metals: black zirconium and titanium.

At $299, the price is a bit hefty, but for those shopping for a precious metal wedding band and a silicone ring, this may be a good solution.


Groove Life Nomad ($35)

Thunderfit best silicone rings

Shop Men’s | Shop Women’s
Pros: Comfortable, great texture
Cons: Pricier than other models
Width: 8mm, 5mm

Groove Life’s Nomad was easily one of the most comfortable rings we put through testing. While stretch is an inherent feature of silicone rings, too much give allows a ring to stretch out over time. The Nomad had the right amount of stretch so that it didn’t feel flimsy, without so much that it wore out.

What we liked most about the Nomad, though, was the outer texture. It is ideal for surfers who spend countless days at the beach. In testing, we noticed that most silicone rings have a sort of latent rubbery texture that causes lint and sand to stick to them, the worst offender being the Groove Life Zeus. However, the Nomad had the least amount of rubbery stick out of all the rings we tested. It does come in at a higher price point than other rings on the list ($35 at the time of this writing), but Groove Life offers one of the better warranty programs out there and will replace damaged or torn rings in most cases.

For women interested in a thinner band, we recommend checking out Groove Life’s Aspire series, which is virtually the same as the Nomad series but offers a thin version with a boatload of patterns to choose from. For even thinner, check out Groove Life’s line of stackable rings.


Thunderfit Breathable ($15)

Thunderfit Breathable ring setShop Men’s | Shop Women’s
Pros: Comfortable
Cons: Not durable
Width: 8mm, 5.5mm

One ring that didn’t make our list of top picks was Thunderfit’s Breathable ring. Of all the rings we tested, the Thunderfit was the most stretchy and flimsy feeling. While it was comfortable, we also noted that upon receipt, it had some nicks along the edges that only worsened over time.


Best Silicone Rings Comparison Table

Men’s Ring Women’s Ring Price Overall Score Warranty
QALO Polished Step Edge N/A $30 9.3 Yes, one time, lifetime
N/A Groove Life Solid Thin $30 9.3 Yes, 94 years
ROQ Beveled ROQ Dome $43 6.3 Yes, no questions asked
Groove Life Zeus Groove Life Zeus Thin $55 9.3 Yes, 94 years
Qalo Metallic Strata Qalo Metallic Strata $30 8.0 Yes, one time, lifetime
 N/A Qalo Stackables $36 8.3 yes, one time, lifetime
Enso Elements Classic Enso Elements Halo $40 8.6 Yes, lifetime
Ridge 6mm Silicone Ring Set N/A $50 9 Yes, lifetime plus forever fit guarantee
Enso Hybrid Ring N/A $299 8.3 Yes, lifetime plus ring size guarantee
Groove Life Nomad Groove Life Aspire $35 9 Yes, 94 years
Thunderfit Breathable Thunderfit Breathable $15 4.6 Yes, one year

Best Silicone Rings

For those with an active lifestyle, silicone rings can be a matter of safety as well as style. Photo: James Ferrell/The Inertia

How We Tested the Best Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are a pretty straightforward product. They need to feel good for all-day wear, they need to last us through a variety of adventures, and they need to look good. As such, we rated each silicone ring on this list on its comfort, durability, and style. There really isn’t much else to choosing the best silicone ring on the market.

Our lead tester, Dylan Heyden, put the rings in this review through the wringer while out in the water, in the snow, at the climbing gym, and in the adventures of daily life. Silicone rings are intended for those with an active lifestyle, so it was imperative that we not only test them in the water, but see how these rings hold up to an adventurous lifestyle overall. Our women’s tester, Rebecca Parsons, leads her own active lifestyle in Hawaii, and was able to recommend her favorite silicone ring for women after going through her own careful selection process and testing her top pick for over a year – surfing, running, hiking through mud, and more.

Best Silicone Rings Ratings Chart

Men’s Ring Women’s Ring Overall Score Comfort Durability Style
QALO Polished Step Edge N/A 9.3 10 8 10
N/A Groove Life Solid Thin Silicone Ring 9.3 10 9 9
ROQ Beveled ROQ Dome 6.3 7 6 6
Groove Life Zeus Groove Life Zeus Thin 9.3 10 10 8
Qalo Metallic Strata Qalo Metallic Strata 8.0 9 7 8
 N/A Qalo Stackables 8.3 8 7 10
Enso Elements Classic Enso Elements Halo 8.6 9 8 8
Ridge 6mm Silicone Ring Set N/A 9 9 9 9
Enso Hybrid Ring N/A 8.3 8 10 7
Groove Life Nomad Groove Life Aspire 9 10 9 8
Thunderfit Breathable Thunderfit Breathable 4.6 7 3 4

silicone rings

At the beach, wearing the Groove Life Solid Thin Silicone Ring ring. Photo: Rebecca Parsons/The Inertia

Silicone Ring Buyer’s Guide

Why Choose A Silicone Ring?

As mentioned above, traditional metal rings can get in the way of many professional careers and pose the risk of injury. Additionally, your wedding ring is likely the most sentimental item you own, and it’s not worth risking losing it when doing adventurous things. Silicone rings serve as a placeholder of sorts. They’re cheap, comfortable rings that are perfect to wear while you’re on the go. And due to the affordable price point, it’s not a big deal should you lose one (plus, many of them are backed by warranties).

Brands and Other Silicone Ring Options

What we quickly became aware of when testing rings for this article is just how many different shapes, patterns, colors, constructions, and price points silicone rings come in these days. The above list represents our top picks of all the rings we tested. But in the event that none of these fit the bill, we also thought we’d categorize the brands we tested based on what makes them unique.

It’s fitting that Groove Life took three of the categories on our list, as the style and functionality of their rings are geared specifically toward active and outdoorsy folks with a high demand for quality equipment. We recommend Groove’s offerings for those willing to fork over a little more cash on the front end for a quality product with a generous warranty program.

For those whose self-expression tops the list of needs for a silicone ring, we recommend looking at Enso Rings. As we mentioned, they offer rings with the most realistic precious metal look. But they also have numerous collections of patterned rings with etchings, from trail maps and nature patterns to Star Wars and Harry Potter (seriously). And if you want something custom-engraved, however, we recommend checking out the Qalo Metallic Strata.

As mentioned above, QALO’s stackable sets are the best out there because of the sheer number of options. For the budget-minded, our pick for affordability goes to ROQ.

Surfboard Ring

The Groove Life Nomad is comfortable both in and out of the water. Photo: James Ferrell/The Inertia

Sizing and Returns

By and large, the most frustrating thing about carrying out this test was getting ring size dialed. As with clothing and other manufactured goods that vary in size and shape, manufacturing differences, material, and human error can all result in difficulties in sizing difficulties. Unlike a pair of jeans, though, the margin for error for a ring fitting too loose or too snug is razor thin. And if your aim is comfort and safety, well, a ring that cuts off circulation to your ring finger just won’t do.

Our test found that ordering the same size ring across different brands and styles resulted in entirely different fits, some perfect, some a tad big. We also found that most brands didn’t offer half sizes, preventing an ultra-secure fit (depending on the size of your fingers).

For such a small item, shipping a poorly-fitting band back even once can be a headache. Imagine if you didn’t read the fine print, and you’re now stuck with an ill-fitting ring. That’s why our best buying advice after carrying out this test is to double and triple-check the manufacturer’s return and exchange policy before buying. Some policies are fairly generous. ROQ offers free exchanges within 30 days. Others, like Groove Life, will pay for shipping for a new product on exchanges if the customer pays for shipping on the returned item.

The bottom line here is it pays to read the fine print. It’s also probably worthwhile to pop into your local jeweler to determine your ring size if you don’t know it instead of using at-home methods, like measuring a piece of string that wraps around your finger. That method, in particular, is horribly inaccurate when it comes to the minute details of how a ring should fit.


The rings on our list range from $12-$55, so not a price that’s going to break the bank. And that’s sort of the point — better that something happens to your silicone ring than your precious metal one. With that in mind, it’s nice to have a silicone ring that’s backed by a warranty. All of the rings on our list offered warranties: Some were for one year, while others were for a lifetime. Be sure to read the warranty policy and feel out what seems like a good fit for you.

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