Patagonia’s <a href="" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Planning Roll Top Pack</a> for organizing wet and dry gear

Patagonia’s Planing Roll Top Pack for organizing wet and dry gear. Photo: Patagonia

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Surfing is all fun and games until it’s freezing cold, your clothes are soaked, and your car smells like mildew. If you’re anything like me, when you get out of the water you’re in a mad dash to throw everything in the car to cruise home for a hot shower. Meaning, oftentimes, my wetsuit gets carelessly thrown into the trunk, soaking everything in its path. Patagonia’s Planing Roll Top Pack strives to put an end to that.

Efforts in Sustainability

Like most things Patagonia, the Planing Roll Top Pack was constructed with the environment in mind. The pack is made from a blend of nylon and 64 percent recycled polyester—the polyester is made from recycled plastic bottles, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 59 percent when compared with virgin polyester fiber. Although the nylon is lightweight yet durable, it is nonrenewable and Patagonia is planning to phase it out by 2025 in an effort to constantly do better.

Patagonia’s Planning Roll Top Pack for organizing wet and dry gear. Photo: Patagonia

Patagonia’s Planing Roll Top Pack is capable of taking a skateboard as well. Photo: Patagonia

Technical Features

Designed for any and every adventure, the bag features a roll-top design, which allows easy access to goods and the flexibility to compress or expand to accommodate various loads. The bag features an exterior mesh pocket for separating wet and dry goods, which can be secured with the drawstring toggle to ensure nothing falls out in transit.

The interior is also waterproofed should you decide to use it as a drybag to keep your car from getting soaked. Additionally, the pack includes a zippered interior pocket for stashing smaller items like keys or a wallet, so they don’t get lost in the mayhem. To top it off, the pack features exterior straps that can be used to fasten down the roll top or to strap on additional cargo, such as a skateboard.


Designed for travel, long treks to the beach, and everything in between, the pack features a padded back panel, which was appreciated on longer strike missions. Additionally, the pack includes a breathable and hydrophobic shoulder harness as well as an adjustable sternum strap and removable waist belt. Essentially, the pack offers similar features to a backpacking pack, which allows for maximum comfort when toting around heavy gear.

Available in five colors, the pack is a cross between stylish and industrial, giving it a casually cool aesthetic. While the 35-liter pack offers ample storage for day trips, Patagonia’s Planing collection also includes a 55-liter duffel bag for lengthier adventures.


– Plenty of easy access storage for both wet and dry gear
– Internal storage and external mesh pocket make organization a breeze
– Adjustable straps and padded back panel enhance comfort for travel and longer treks
– Eco-conscious construction


– Price is significantly higher than other dry bag options (although it does have more features)
– Not a lot of storage space for smaller items like wax or keys (only one zippered pocket)

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