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kelty camping chair

The Kelty Low Loveseat‘s low seat height makes it perfect for the beach. Photo: Rebecca Parsons/The Inertia

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a better evening activity than relaxing by a campfire in a comfy chair. Except maybe cozying up in said chair with your significant other or bestie. The Kelty Low Loveseat ($130) is a doublewide camping chair that takes beachside hangs, camping, and even soccer games at the park to the next level. And it’s got room for two.

First Impressions of the Kelty Low Loveseat

Pros Cons
Carry case doubles as foot mat/dog bed Big/heavy chair
Slightly reclined and cushioned seats Only one shoulder strap
Easy setup/take down
Low seat height

Most camping chairs either come in a bag (that is always challenging to get the chair back into) or with a simple strap or handle. The Kelty Low Loveseat came wrapped in a carry wrap that was super easy to take on and off, so major points out of the gates. More on that carry wrap later.

This chair is a big boy, in the best way. It’s literally two chairs put together, with a cup holder on each end — I had no doubt this was going to quickly become mine and my husband’s chair of choice.


kelty low loveseat camping chair

Notable Features

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Product Weight: 15.38 lbs
Seat Height: 13.5″
Seat Height From Ground: 13.5″
Back Height From Seat: 18″
Dimensions: 44″ x 23.5″ x 31.5″
Packed Size: 34.5″ x 11″ x 11″

The Kelty Low Loveseat is not a light chair, nor is it a small chair, so if you’re looking for a lightweight, backpacking-style chair or are short on space, you’ll want to look elsewhere. It is, however, big and comfortable and perfect for car camping.

Setup: As I mentioned, this chair comes in a carry wrap that you simply unbuckle, unfold the chair, and you’re good to go. One of my absolute favorite features of the chair is that the carry wrap doubles as a dog bed when you’re not using it to store the chair. We love to bring our pups camping; this has been a perfect mat for them to lay on. Or, if you don’t have a pup, you can use the carry wrap as a foot mat to keep your feet nice and clean.

Once you plant your rear in this chair, you won’t want to get up. The chair sits low to the ground and sports a slightly reclined design that makes it oh-so-comfortable to sink back into. The quilted seats are padded and feel good on your tush and back. Each arm contains not one but two insulated and size-adjustable beverage holders, so you can use one for your drink and one for your phone. Or you can double-fist it. Like I said, you won’t want to get up.

kelty camping chair

The included carrying case doubles as a foot mat or dog bed. Photo: Rebecca Parsons/The Inertia

Construction: Another huge perk of this chair is that it’s built to last. The 600D polyester construction means that the fabrics are durable and aren’t going to crumble after a little bit of rain and/or sun exposure. The powder-coated steel frame will also hold its own against salty beachside elements and allow you to enjoy the Kelty Low Loveseat for years to come.

The chair is quick and easy to fold down at the end of the day. To store, you simply wrap it up in the carry wrap, cinch the buckles, and you’re good to go. The padded shoulder strap makes it easy to transport despite the size.

Other Versions: If you prefer to sit alone, the Kelty Lowdown Chair is a one-man version of the same chair. Or, if you want to sit alongside two others, the Lowdown Couch can comfortably seat three. If the low seat height isn’t your favorite (say you need a chair that can more comfortably sit at a regular-height table), Kelty also makes a normal-height chair simple called The Loveseat.

kelty camping chair

Although the Kelty Low Loveseat is a big chair, it packs down well and is easy to transport. Photo: Rebecca Parsons/The Inertia


There aren’t many downsides to the Kelty Low Loveseat aside from the size/weight and the price tag. At $130, it’s on the pricey side for a chair. But, when you factor in the fact that it’s for two people, it really isn’t that bad.

At 15.38 pounds, it’s on the heavy side. As a petite woman, I wouldn’t want to carry this chair long distances, but I haven’t had any trouble carrying it to the beach or setting it up at the campground. It comes with one padded shoulder strap, but I wish it had two so you could carry it backpack-style. It rolls up tight, so although it’s big, it doesn’t take up too much space.

kelty camping chair

The best part about the Kelty Lowdown Chair is that it’s built for two. Photo: Rebecca Parsons/The Inertia

Final Thoughts

The Kelty Low Loveseat is one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever planted my rear in. My husband and I regularly pack it along for beach days, and since acquiring it, we have yet to go on a camping trip without it. It’s easy to set up and pack up, the seats are padded and comfortable, and there are built-in beverage holders. And as if all that weren’t enough, you get to enjoy it all alongside your best friend. The Kelty Lowdown Loveseat is a winner.

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