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Laird Hamilton and Gabrielle Reece are very fit people. They have to be to do the things they do. In Laird’s own words, he “trains for the earth,” which means he’s not simply going to the gym and lifting heavy things up and down over and over again. He’s working on his breathing, his flexibility, and his strength. “If I become a more efficient organism, then I’m going to surf better,” he told The Inertia. “Just surfing another wave isn’t going to have as big an effect on my surfing performance as becoming more flexible or having a more conscious awareness of my body.”

Part and parcel with fitness come diet, and both Laird and Gabrielle Reece are famously devoted to theirs. Laird’s consists of a variety of things, but think high fat and no processed sugar, and you’re on the right track.

Recently, the fitness gurus sat down with Rich Eisen to talk a little bit about the benefits of not eating like a fat, greasy slob and thinking of your body like a diesel truck. “I don’t think it’s good to have a system that is so fragile if you throw a slice of pizza in there it wreaks havoc,” he says about eating things that might not be the best for you. “Hey, if you have to go somewhere and eat something, it’s no problem. I want the diesel truck: a little water in the fuel might make a few little misfires, but you’re still going.”


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