Screenshot: Frendly Presents

Screenshot: Frendly Presents

The Inertia

Crunchtime. On their quest to put on the best music festival of the year, our noble frends Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis find themselves far over-subscribed, taking on the renovation of an utterly-thrashed Airstream camper and organizing the annual Frendly Gathering (which must, of course, improve every year) all during the crush of a thrilling winter competition schedule and commitments to sponsors.

In Episode 5, Jack finds a great Frend in his brother, Luke. The younger Mitrani, along with his girlfrend, Maddison Garcia, suggest that the Frends’ Airstream conversion plan is far too aggressive. Jack resists, but in the end acquiesces to his younger brother, sharing responsibility (quite the trick for a man with his hand in so many pots).

In fact, it was Garcia’s father, master carpenter Randy, who offered to lend his skills to the project, along with his hard-earned experience: “You can’t make great things in… [snaps]. You know what I mean. It just doesn’t work.”

So Jack rearranges the plans, relying on his good frends to make up for the fact that he can’t be everywhere all the time. The crew starts a mega-renovation on the fancy Airstream and end up with a truly unique and beautiful rolling recording studio.

In Episode 6, Jack and Danny scope the Vermont site of the annual Frendly Gathering to discover that the East Coast Beast-Winter of ’15 had left its mark on the woodsy festival venue. Mitrani resignedly suggests that they cancel the 2015 Gathering, to which Do-Anything Davis scoffs. The pair gets to work, aided by hordes of people that turn up to help set up.

As with any event, last-minute snafus crop up like mosquitoes in a warm wet Vermont summer. This year’s snag was a distinctly international one: the festival wrist-bands were held up in a London customs office. Using their network and handy-dandy Skype, Danny and Jack problem-solve their way to success by tracking down a merry London lass to deliver the goods over the ocean. Episode 6 closes with the glittering anticipation of an event that just might go off without a massive hitch…


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