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The world is changing, and it is changing quickly. Computers are changing everything around us, from manual labor to the creation of art. And one person who has been playing around with some of the newer stuff is a guy named Robby Crawford, an artist who enjoys creating pretty things for the rest of us to look at. Case in point: his Dream Phased project. And no, it’s not A.I., although it certainly does resemble it.

To make the kind of clips you see above, Crawford uses an open-source 3D creation software called Blender. Blender is free to use, and has applications in model-crafting, animation, and visual effects.

Crawford’s wave animations are made by using physics-based fluid models, but it’s a lot more than just plugging in a command and letting the computer do the work. “They used every bit of intelligence I possess,” he wrote in response to some questioning whether the animations were made using artificial intelligence. “Think more Pixar movie.”

Blender is just about perfect for what Crawford is making. “The fluid simulation engine in Blender allows you to create realistic simulations of fluids, such as water, oil, and smoke,” he explained. “You can set the properties of the fluid, such as viscosity, surface tension, and temperature, and then simulate its behavior over time. The fluid can be made to interact with other objects in the scene, such as obstacles, and you can control the flow of the fluid using various tools, such as flow objects and inflow/outflow boundaries.”

It’s likely a bit above most people’s heads, but what isn’t confusing is the final product. Like something out of a dream, isn’t it?


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