The Inertia

Ricardo Ramos, aka Xicogaivota, was born in Lisbon in 1978 and is an extraordinary artist fueled by a very noble purpose: he just wants his children and the next generation to see what he has seen. It’s exciting to uncover the process of how that purpose funnels into everything from where he chooses to work to the materials he uses.

“You look at these pieces and you see plastic garbage,” he says. “I look at them and I see perfect shapes. I see beautiful pieces, impossible colors that you can’t find anywhere else, stories. I would love to know where they come from, what they saw, and how far have they traveled. That’s why I keep them.”

“I’m addicted to these places,” he adds. “I have a need to see puddles, to see rocks, and to absorb all that beauty. I want to keep them as beautiful as I find them and I would love to see my childrens go there in a few years and (feel) just get as crazy as I did when I saw this unique and incredible place for the first time.”

This is a perfect translation of the expression “acting locally, thinking globally.” We should all be grateful for the work of a creative mind like this.

Find more of Xicogaivota’s work here.


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