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As far as popular music goes, Jack Johnson has fallen off the radar. But you remember him–his laid back style dominated the airwaves for more than a short while, and chances are good that you secretly still like a lot of those ukelele laden songs. But he’s back! Sort of! He penned a piece of music for View From a Blue Moon, John John Florence’s newest and grandest surf flick.

Jack and John John go back a long way–since John John was a baby, in fact. “We both grew up in the same place,” Florence told Rolling Stone in an interview. “Our family is really close to his family. He’s kind of like an uncle to me and my brothers. He’s always given me really good tips on life and how to do things.”

So when Florence reached out to Johnson to see if he could use one of his songs in the new film, Jack did him one better: He told him he’d write one just for him. “I was blown away that he really wanted to do it,” he said. The track Jack Johnson sent over is heavy on the ukelele, just as you’d expect. It drips surfing, at least the palm swaying, relaxed kind of surfing. “The song plays with a bunch of clips of when I was really young surfing with my brothers, so it worked out insane,” Florence explained.


View From a Blue Moon is out December 1st.

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