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The Inertia

I started creating the Stumbles Series in the beginning of 2018. These small digital collages were inspired by a particular song with the same name (from Kraak &Smaak) and are an ode to longboard culture.

I try to capture the flowing movements of the many characters, not only by their own display but also in the particular way they insert themselves within the different layers, colors, patterns, and textures.

The handmade collages were created for Surf Leça and once they were completed I realized how much I enjoyed the work. From small dimensions to large canvases, paper cuts, billboards, fins, and surfboards, I started to make my own universe filled with “creative chaos” that is a path to an exotic and fragmented environment.

The main influences in this work include:

Surf: It is part of my roots and family history (I started working in my father’s surf shop when I was a teenager). The sea is a source of inspiration (I have always lived by the sea and today I work right in front of the beach).

Leça da Palmeira: This is where I live and work. It is a land full of charm and a very interesting heritage.

Interior Design: Interior design was part of my studies and I work every day with this in Surf Leça. The colors and patterns are a constant in my works.

India: I have a fascination with the country thanks to its cultural and religious diversity. It is possible to see influences in my work like mandalas and even the figure of some Hindu gods such as Ganesh, Lakshmi, Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

Framing: Framing is one of the things I’m most concerned about. All my digital collages come with a carefully chosen frame, considering the format and color(s) of the work. I like to highlight them from the bottom and give them tri-dimension and consequently movement. All collages are different because I use pens on the top of the prints as a way to personalize them.

Editor’s Note: Filipa Costa created Surf Leça in Portugal, an innovative surf shop that doubles as an art gallery.


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