The Inertia

Living far from the sea is not an easy thing for me. I’m an outdoor person, used to go surfing several times a week, and now it’s a little bit different.

I live in Milan now. I left my country, Venezuela, almost 5 years ago and I have to say it has been a positive decision to move to a European Metropolis in order to develop my knowledge and practice art and design. On the other hand, I really miss going surfing several times a week.

So last November me and some good friends who live in Spain organized this super spontaneous surf trip to Zarauz, Basque Country.

I had such a nice time and remained so stoked after all those days of surfing, that when I went back to Milan, I decided that somehow I had to use my talent to create something nice, understandable, and fun about how I experience surfing, and that’s when The Moustache Guy was born. Hope you enjoy it!


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