Cocaine found at Bondi

Cocaine just keeps on turning up on Australian beaches. Recently, five more packages of the drug washed up on the coast around Sydney. The find is the latest episode of an ongoing mystery regarding bricks turning up on New South Wales beaches.

The whole thing started in December, when seven barnacle-encrusted packages of cocaine washed up at Magenta in New South Wales. A month later, a Bondi Beach lifeguard found another brick of the powder while patrolling in a jet-ski. That second brick had a rather interesting-looking logo that read “Zoé,” to add to the mystery. In total, over 250 kilograms of cocaine has turned up.

This most recent wave was found by beachgoers at Freshwater and Curl Curl on Monday, as BBC reports. The police reported that they had seized five kilograms in total. They added that the find was in fact part of the same massive shipment that has been washing up on New South Wales beaches since December.

“As inquiries continue, the public are reminded to report any suspicious package to authorities,” NSW Police said in a statement on Tuesday.

Local police told ABC News in January that they believed the most likely cause of the wayward cocaine was that a large package attached to a cargo ship had become dislodged offshore and has been washing up ever since.


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