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Kelly eyeballing a French drainer - le drainer. Kelly might not have been included in these picks. All the more reason to pick him. Photo: Israel Cabelles Gomez

My pick to win the Quiksilver Pro France is Julian Wilson.

Julian has been on Tour for three years now, and looks to be finding his groove. Over the past ten years or so there have been many newcomers to the World Tour, but few have all the qualities needed to truly challenge the serious contenders: Slater, Parko and Fanning.

Julian is one of the new breed that has the potential to become a world champion. He has a smooth style with a great wrap carve, his air game (especially in competition) is second-to-none, and he is a good tube rider. The next most important thing after technique is mindset and experience. After his performance at Lowers last week, Julian made it quite clear what he is capable of, especially showing the mental fortitude to come from behind in some critical heats. He has traditionally done well in Europe, and the rampy beach breaks are a perfect fit for him providing many sections for his creative repertoire.

Quiksilver Pro France Champ: Mr. Wilson.

Julian Wilson, making his own groove. Photo: ASP/Cestari

Julian Wilson, making his own groove. Photo: ASP/Cestari


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