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Editor’s Note: Essential Outdoor Stuff is presented by Toyota RAV4 Adventure Grade. 

Do you like eating food when you’re hungry? Do you like steak? When it comes to cooking meat, we ascribe to the philosophy that less is more. A few choice spices and attention to detail is all you need when preparing meat for friends and family (assuming they still eat meat. If they don’t, then don’t prepare them steak. They’ll just look at it and be hungry and maybe a little bit mad at you). For everyone else, however, if you’ve got a grill at your campsite, get on it. It’s still very possible to cook steak on a campfire. You’ll just need to extend cooking times depending on how hot your fire gets. Happy campin’ and eatin’!

1. First, always know where your meat comes from. There’s a pretty wide range of quality when it comes to sourcing meat, so the higher the quality at the starting point, the better. For all involved.


2. Allow the meat to approach room temperature before cooking.

3. All you need is olive oil, salt, and pepper. Seriously. That’s it. No need to get all fancy.

4. Get your grill super fiery hot to sear the steak and lock in some of that flavor.


5. Cook your steaks until they turn golden brown, which, depending on the thickness of the steak, should take about four or five minutes. Flip ’em, and grill an additional three or four minutes to hit medium-rare (an internal temperature of 135 degrees F), which we recommend. Or grill an additional two minutes if you like your steak done medium.

6. Now, the hard part. Let it rest for five minutes. That ensures more flavor on the first cut.

7. Eat the food! Hey. Elbows off the table, guy.

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