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Nathan Fletcher. Just a normal day of surfing friendly wavs. Photo: Billabong XXL

Nathan Fletcher. Just a normal day of surfing friendly wavs. Photo: Billabong XXL/Brian Bielmann

The Inertia

I realize that you have better things to do on a Friday night than attend the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards, so I figured I’d give you the highlights, in a nutshell.


  • 2 dollar tacos, pricey bar, lots of beautiful people enjoying lots of drinks, smiles on sun-tanned faces.
  • Sunny Garcia is here, wearing a different Affliction shirt than the one he wore at Lowers this morning.
  • Liquor flows freely, too freely! Tony Hawk, Dave Grohl, Audrina Partridge and more celebs are in attendance.
  • Alex Gray lauds Jeff Rowley as having gone from “Jeff from Bells” to commanding the respect of the global big wave community after two solid performances at Jaws. Rowley sheepishly grins on big screen.
  • Dave Wassel wins Monster Paddle Award. The crowd approves.”Twenty years ago no one would have cared I do this,” Wassel says. “Thank you for caring.”
  • Dave Grohl’s new band the Chevy Metals is setting up in the lobby.
  • Maya Gabeira wins the Women’s Performance Award for the fifth time! Nathan Fletcher wins the Men’s Performance Award, Monster Tube Award, and Ride of The Year Award. Rounding out the top five nominees for Ride of The Year were, Ryan Hipwood in second, Greg Long in third, Jeff Rowley in fourth and GMac in fifth.
  • When the crowd hears Fletcher’s name announced for the final time, it goes wild. Cue lights! Cue music! People disperse to the lobby where the Chevy Metals entertain and eager crowd into the wee hours.




Ride of The Year Champion: Nathan Fletcher. Teahupoo, Tahiti

Biggest Wave Champion: Garrett McNamara. Praia do Norte, Portugal

Women’s Performance Champion: Maya Gabeira. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Men’s Performance Champion: Nathan Fletcher. San Juan Bautista, California

Monster Paddle Champion: Dave Wassel. Jaws/Peahi, Maui


Monster Tube Champion: Nathan Fletcher. Teahupoo, Tahiti

Verizon Wipeout of The Year: Garrett McNamara. North Shore, Oahu


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