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There are several WSL events that are must-watch if you’re a fan of pro surfing. Pipeline, for example (which is ironic, considering the fact that it won’t be an event next year). Teahupoo, just in case it really turns on. And J-Bay, because it’s J-Bay. All the rest can be great, but they’re not events you watch when the waves are junk. Jeffreys Bay has shark attacks and history and, as they say in surfing’s weird rhetorical jargon, how’s that wave!?

Well, day 1 at the Corona Open J-Bay is in the books, and how’s that wave? The stars aligned and South Africa’s fabled bay delivered. Hell, Kelly Slater even showed up, if only to announce his retirement (again). Parko announced that he’d be calling it quits as well, but those are events worthy of their own articles. So here, for those who prefer eye-candy over words, are 41 photos of J-Bay doing its thing.

Watch the event on Facebook or the WSL or something. Everyone’s confused. Us too.


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