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The Inertia

Everyone loves a good wipeout reel. The wipeout is one of the most entertaining parts of surfing. Maybe it’s because you can’t be a surfer without experiencing them, so watching someone else wiping out is one of those things where you’re able to commiserate in the feeling. “Only a surfer knows the feeling,” as they say, and part of the feeling is like being stuck in a sandy, black washing machine.

Of all the places where wipeouts are the most entertaining to watch, it’s hard to beat the Wedge. A weird, warping cup-of-a-wave, once you’re in, you’re in and it’s more likely than not that a surfer isn’t going to make it out. It’s more about the ride, as brief as it is, than it is the completion. People tuck into barrels there knowing full well they’re going to wear it on the head. And it’s something we’ll never tire of watching. Thankfully, the kind folks over at Beefs T.V. stitched together 50 of the greatest wipeouts at the Wedge that they’ve filmed, so we’ve got plenty of fodder.


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