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Hollywood’s always trying to get surfing movies right, but it’s pretty rare that they actually do. This results in a few movies that miss the mark so badly that they turn into something almost better than a good movie: a movie that’s so bad it’s great. In honor of some of those movies, here are seven actors who not only grace the silver screen, but surf as well.

1. Sean Penn

Sean Penn, fresh out of Mr. Hand's class. Photo: Shutterstock

Sean Penn, fresh out of Mr. Hand’s class. Photo: Shutterstock

Yes, it’s true. Spicoli surfs. Thank God, right? Born in Santa Monica, California, Penn’s character in Fast Times almost single-handedly threw a stereotype rug over the heads of surfers around the world. Reports of movie about the Paskowitz family have been floating around for a few years now, and they’re saying that Penn may be cast as Doc. Fingers crossed.

Extra: He was married to Madonna, so that’s pretty cool.

2. Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, porta-potty windsurfer. Photo: Shutterstock

Tom Hanks, porta-potty windsurfer. Photo: Shutterstock

You know all those movies about surfing that suck? Tom Hanks does too. He’s been pushing for a decent big-wave film for a long time. Although he didn’t surf in Castaway, he kind of windsurfed when he used that portable toilet as a mast to escape the island.

Extra: He’s been a friend of Bruce Springsteen since they were kids. Anyone who’s been friends with the boss has to be pretty dang boss himself.

3. Owen Wilson

Owen Spicoli. Photo: Shutterstock

Owen Spicoli. Photo: Shutterstock

Of course he does. He hangs out with Jack Johnson, has blond hair, and talks like he’s stoned all the time. There aren’t too many people that personify Sean Penn’s Spicoli better than Owen Wilson. A few years ago, he took a fin to the head, opening up a wound big enough to warrant 24 stitches.

Extra: He was in both The Cable Guy and Anaconda, and he still has some semblance of a reputation as an actor. How amazing is that?

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