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The Inertia

Kelly Slater is on a different level than any other surfer. Maybe not performance-wise (anymore), but he’s in the rarified airspace reserved for global household names. When we see him surfing, it’s often in a contest or at a wave pool that he created. We see him on reality television (and Baywatch!) and we see him as a business man. It’s easy to forget that Kelly Slater is, despite all his fame, still just a guy who loves to surf. He’s still someone who loves to travel for waves, despite the fact that he’s been doing it for the majority of his life. So when we see him just surfing for the hell of it at Medewi on the west coast of Bali… well, we like it. The video you see above is a little on the old side now — it was shot in September of 2020 — but it’s proof that Kelly Slater is just a frothy grom at heart!


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