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The Inertia

The east coast of Canada gets some really, really good waves. Cold ones and inconsistent, but when they’re there, they’re there. Of course, when they’re not, they’re not. But Ben Gravy doesn’t really believe in flat days. Instead, he’ll just go to where the waves are, and sometimes, that’s in a river. He’s fresh off a trip to Alaska that he’ll never forget, and it’s changed his outlook somewhat.

“It’s been trippy being back from Alaska,” he wrote. “I didn’t really notice it while I was out on the boat, but it was a life changing trip. I think it helped a lot with my life perspective. It really made me believe in what I’m doing and realize I can push the dream beyond anything I ever imagined.”

So with that in mind, when Ben realized that this sneaky river wave — one that requires a Jet Ski to surf — was about eight hours north of his home, he decided he had time. He jumped in the van, filled the tank, threw a few boards in the back, hooked the ski trailer on, and set out on yet another adventure. And when the goal of an adventure is only to have fun… well, the waves don’t even matter that much.


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