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The Inertia

You might be aware that Ben Gravy and Blair Conklin recently went on a little field trip off the beaten path. Getting off the beaten path these days, when it comes to surfing at least, ain’t all that easy. Sure, there are still places where you’re almost sure to find an empty lineup, but they’re few and far between. Which is why Gravy and Conklin decided they’d head to Alaska, of all places.

Their trip has not been a disappointing one. So far, they’ve surfed calving glacier waves and a weird little wave breaking in circles around a tiny little island. What was missing, though, was just plain, old good waves. Until Friday, that is. Or, as they called it, “Aloha Friday.”

“So far this surfing adventure in Alaska has taken us to big surf, novelty waves, a moraine, some bumpy seas, but we’ve yet to see the dreams of clean surf… Until today!” Gravy wrote on YouTube. “We woke up this morning to picture perfect surf for Aloha Friday here in Alaska!”


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