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Well, seeya later, excuses

Well, seeya later, excuses. Photo: Bethany Hamilton/Facebook

The Inertia

Bethany Hamilton won the Surf N Sea Pipeline Pro. That is amazing. When The Inertia crew was in Hawaii for the Pipe contest over Christmas, we were graced with enormous, thumping Pipeline on more than one occasion. We did not paddle out into the melee on those big days – and not one of us has had to return from a shark attack.

The fact that Bethany has learned to surf again after the shark attack that took her arm is enough for most people to take notice. But winning a Pipe contest? Incredible. Every excuse I’ve ever made for anything in my entire life now looks stupid.

In a final that included three Hawaiians and a girl from Japan, Bethany took on Moana Jones, Dax McGill, and Sayuri Hashimoto. Her two scoring waves were a 7.25 and a 7.75, well ahead of the runner up, Moana Jones who held onto a 6.0 and a 6.10 in the fourth even of the Women’s QS.



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