The Inertia

Skimboarding gets a bad rap. It’s like the ugly step sister to surfing, that is, a sentiment stemming purely from the eyes of the surfers. But the two are growing more and more close, as guys like Brad Domke and Tom Curren blur the lines of distinction between finless skimming and fins or no fins skurfing.

Blair Conklin is a professional skimmer who also happens to surf – not the other way around. His skimming style is one of pure finesse, sorta like a Craig Ando, but he’s got the hair of John John. And when he surfs, typically on a Catch Surf soft-top, he imparts that Ando-esque drop-knee mixed with that JJF spaghetti mop. Above you’ll see him doing just that, bobbing through some SoCal shorebreak on his Odysea Stump. And how about that first wave?!? Somebody get this kid out to Backdoor.


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